Chicago Bears in the PLAYOFFS?

Talking about PLAYOFFS?

Thanks, readers, for approaching this topic for me yesterday.  Prior to the season opener, I looked at each game and made predictions based on what I had seen from the Bears, and came up with a 7-9 record for the Bears in 2008.  When the team started 5-3, I was ripped a little for not knowing what I’m talking about, not being a true Bears fan because I didn’t think they’d go 16-0, or both.

Frankly, the reason I went game by game and figured on a 7-9 record is because the Chicago Bears defense we saw in the preseason is exactly what we’ve seen in 8 of the 10 games this season.  The reason the Bears won 3 of their 5 games is because remarkably their offense outscored the high-scoring opposing offense.  

To yesterday’s comments, I think everyone for making them, because I didn’t really want to go there.  Yes, my opinion is the Bears will not be clinching any playoffs, and if they do, the offense of their first opponent will blow their doors off them.  That’s not what I hope will happen, but it is what I am afraid will happen.

You know what I hope will happen?  That the Bears will make like the 2007 New York Giants and find themselves.  The Giants were teetering on oblivion when they visited Soldier Field in early December, were down and almost lost the game were it not for the help of a highly questionable touchdown catch given to them.  They won, found their pass rush and defense, and dominated from there on the road to their Super Bowl victory.

Likely?  No.  As a Bears fan am I hopeful?  Sure.

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  1. Roy, it doesn’t look good right now. I think we all agree. However, let’s not forgot, the Packers and Vikings aren’t anything to write home about either. So, the Packers blew out the Bears last Sunday? Whoppie. They also failed to get 200 yards of offense the previous week. They have not been consistant all season. The Bears also blew out the Packers last year in a game the Packers needed to get HOF. That didn’t seem to ruin the Packers season too much. The Vikings, the media’s sexy pick to win the Super Bowl, hasn’t won an outdoor game all season. With this in mind, 9-7 and maybe even 8-8 will win the division. I see none of these teams finishing the season 5-1, especially since the Vikings still have to play the Giants and Cardinals.

    The Bears may very well tank, but I’m hardly scared of their competition in the division. If they showed me anything this year, I might think otherwise. Last time I checked, they all have the same record.

  2. I am back. One game, yes we played aweful in it, yes it was against the Packers, but it was only one game. We were without our quarterback against the Titans. We didn’t show up against the Packers. Every other game, except the first Lions game, has been a hard fought battle to the end where both our defense and offense kept us in the game at times. Don’t everyone throw in the towel yet. We still have the Rams and Texans on our schedule.

  3. There’s Higgins! I was wondering. As always, I hope you’re right. You going to the game in St. Louis Higgins…don’t you live down there somewhere’s? I’ll be there…

  4. Roy,

    I picked the Bears to finish 7-9 also. I agree with you that even if the Bears make the playoffs they will get smoked.

  5. Towel has not been thrown, but the hand is going towards the pocket…red challenge-flag style. Smoke them Rams!

  6. One Game at a Time – If Da Bears win where they should, they win the division. Easy as that. This week – Chicago is over a TD favortie while MN and GB are both underdogs on the road. If Chicago doesn’t hold the lead after this week, then it may be time to worry. GB has proven they can’t win the close games – lost to MN by 1, lost in OT to TN, etc. If they had Brett Favre….we’ll never know. Thank god. Next year – Chicago needs to utilize Hester more and buy a quarterback – Cassel? Leinart? Palmer?

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