Chicago Bears Free Agency 2009

We’re almost a week into free agency, and as expected, the Chicago Bears haven’t done much.  And Rex Grossman has yet to find a taker to help him prove he’s still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

No surprise on either of those fronts.  Actually in my opinion the Bears have done more than I expected they would to this point by signing offensive lineman Frank Omiyale.  But true to form for the Bears’ organization, they say they don’t know where they’ll use Omiyale on the line or even if he will earn a starting job.  Huh?  They signed a player that has started just one game in his career to a deal worth $11 million plus incentives, and he may not start?  Paying backups $11 million sure is the way to build a winner.

Potentially even more troubling is that several writers have stated that Omiyale’s best position is left tackle, not right tackle or guard.  Could this mean 2008′s first round pick Chris Williams, definitely not a right tackle, could be worse off than the organization will let on?

Nothing can surprise me anymore with the Bears.

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  1. As you’ve pointed out, signing an OL with 1 career start and then raving about what an incredible pickup he was is par for the course for Angelo. To your other point, I also heard one of the local morning geniuses that has seemingly turned into an Angelo lover (honoring your naming request, I will not mention his name) nonchalantly mention that Omiyale will be a good fit “if Williams fails” – like it would be expected and no big deal if that happens. What?? Look, if the Bears are already thinking along the lines that a supposed blue chipper like Williams isn’t going to be able to cut it, then add that to the Appendix section of Angelo’s long list of past drafting failures.

    Re: other non-moves, if in fact the Bears have not even had basic, general discussions with Denver about Cutler (whether or not a trade will ever happen is not the point), then this is even further proof Angelo is clueless and is not doing his job. And I laughed when I read another local writer mention Jeff Garcia’s name as a potentially viable and smart option, which makes no sense. Also, while I’m sure the Bears have already crafted a well written response to why they weren’t interested in Cassell (besides the money part, of course), there is no valid reason or excuse for not exploring Cassell, Cutler or other QB options I’ve mentioned here in recent weeks.

  2. lyle not in lisle on March 4th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Right when I received the letter from the Bears stating that they were not raising season ticket prices I knew they weren’t going to do anything in free agency. So far nothing has surprised me. The draft is going to be interesting. I feel we have a lot of needs on both sides of the ball. A veteran RB to back up Forte is a must too. Time will tell.

  3. While I understand them not overspending on a WR. They should have put some money into a FS. FS deseperately needs some help now that Mike Brown is gone, and Steltz I dont think is ready for it.

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