Chicago Bears Draft Preview

The good people over at have pointed us to their 2009 Chicago Bears Draft review.  Check it out and comment on what you think.

4 Responses to “Chicago Bears Draft Preview”

  1. The Bears should not draft a receiver just to draft a receiver. There are too many other spots on the roster that could use depth. If the top receivers on the Bears’ board are gone it would be foolish to use a second round pick on a fifth round receiver and you can never have too many defensive backs.

  2. I completely agree with that.

  3. Remember also, the Bears like drafting defensive backs and turning them into receivers…

  4. @Harry:

    Oh you mean they had the audacity to try to turn one of the fastest/most exciting NFL players in recent memory into a WR? What a terrible idea! /sarcasm

    Anyways, the Bleacher Report article seems to mostly reflect common sense, except there’s no way Angelo will just take a WR in the second round even if he’s getting bad value in his mind. He’s made some bad decisions in hindsight but he’s not stupid.

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