Comments on: Chicago Bears Doomed to Repeat Failure Chicago Bears History Blog by Mon, 20 Apr 2015 22:25:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: Bugz Mon, 21 Dec 2009 17:11:40 +0000 The Sox are losers, hence they’ve finished over .500 once in three years and were bounced in the first round of the playoffs. I hate the cubs and their ‘loyal’ fans. Keep filling the stadium boyz, haven’t done anything in a 100 years but shell out teh 100 bucks for tickets and 50 bucks for parking.

Back to the topic, I never liked Lovie and most of all Angelo. I thought the Tampa 2 never would fit our Defense and why draft Benson when we had Mr. Badass a.k.a Thomas Jones. I think that the city of chicago has to pay for that stadium and most of the 400million for renovations and i’m tired of Chicago teams not bringing anything to this city.

Here is a fun fact for ya Ken, sure we lost in the super bowl 4 years ago. Good season right? Well we are now 1 of 4 teams in NFL history to not make the playoffs 4 years in a row after a superbowl apperance.

Obviously you are a person that dwells on teh past, since you said “the Sox don’t suck”. 100 years or 5 years why should we be happy with one championship over decades when other cities get multiple championships in a decade.

By: Kenneth Fri, 18 Dec 2009 23:49:06 +0000 First off, to Bugz–the Sox are not losers. Stick to the North Side, fella.

Secondly, one thing from the post: would you really have wanted the team not to sign Lovie to an extension following the Super Bowl season? He would have been out of contract following the next season! And it’s not like you could force him to sign during the season–he might have just said “forget this” to the Bears and left for greener (in every sense of the word) pastures. And you’d be just as mad, about how we let him get away. Even if he had a bad season everyone blame it on the bad atmosphere caused by the no-contract.

I mean, if you need more than a Super Bowl loss to convince you to invest in a coach, then you are setting a ridiculously high standard. Signing Lovie to the extension was the right move. Now, you can argue that it hasn’t worked out, and the smart move is to fire Lovie now even if you have to pay him because an winning/optimistic outlook makes more money. But that’s a different argument.

Overall, you have some good points but that point makes you look irrational because you’re mad at our current situation.

Also, as a general point I think you’re too enthralled with the SuperCoaches out there. The track record of those kind of hires is not particularly impressive.

By: Bugz Fri, 18 Dec 2009 15:42:59 +0000 I’ve been complaining about the McCaskey’s for awhile now. This season i’ve stopped, because I’ve seen the light. The biggest chumps in this whole situation are us the ‘fans’. Chicago is known for all the die-hards that fill sports stadiums season after season regardless how the teams are doing. The solution to all the losers we have here in Chicago (bears, cubs, sox, bulls) is to stop giving up your hard earned money to them. Lets use the Blackhawks as the foundation of my arguement. Season ticket sales were down after the lockout, tv ratings were a joke, and the franchise’s value was not that great compared to the other big city teams. There was some motivation to put together the team we have now. Until us (the fans) realize that money is the only thing that motivates, we shouldn’t complain about one dismal season after another. Lets be honest with ourselves here, if we ran a business where we could out a piss poor product and still turn a great profit. Would we put in the effort to make a better product?

By: Grabber Thu, 17 Dec 2009 16:56:03 +0000 Roy, as always, great work pulling all of this together. When you go back and look at all of these ridiculous hires, situations, etc., there is no disputing the fact that it hammers home the point that the underlying central figures always involved in the muddling incompetence starts at the top — with the McCaskey family running the show. The stream of incompetence trickles down to Teddy and Angelo, and last to Lovie, the whole mess is such a joke. One other point we can mention in all of those messy situations that we can never forget is the Dave McGinnis “hiring” news leak, soon to be followed by inevitable “oops, sorry about that” press conference of shame. Only the Bears are capable of this type of incompetence, and as Roy has pointed out, there are decades worth of case study examples illustrating communications and football operations-related disgraces. Talk about a joke — look at Hester spouting off yesterday, followed today by a Tweet that was no doubt carefully crafted and distributed by some Bears intern. That right there, about says it all about how the Bears handle things, and is right up there with Griese’s apology press conference after engineering a game winning drive a few years ago.

And yes, you can count on the fact that when the Bears ever do get around to lauching Lovie, and ultimately Angelo, at that time, Cowher, Holmgren, Shanahan, etc. — all the big names worth mentioning, will all be off the table. And the Bears will then go right back to picking off the garbage dump pile for the next incompetent combo. Cleveland may or may not land Holmgren (will be interesting to see how today’s Redskins news impacts things), but just the fact that they launched their own GM less than a year after hiring him, are in the game to get Holmgren, and would launch Mangini if they land him, shows you how dysfuncionally the Bears are run. The Bears can no longer cry about eating money — certianly NOT if a financially hurting franchise does make a bold move like they are angling for right now.