Chicago Bears Confusion

Does the “C” on the side of the Bears’ helmets stand for confusion?  It would seem so.

This is the point of the year where my posts will start slowing down.  I have so many thoughts about how confused the Bears seem to be from top to bottom at this point in time, but I’m finding it hard to put those thoughts into writing coherently.

What is obvious is, at Tuesday’s press conference:

  • CEO Ted Phillips said that the Bears will no longer tolerate the losing that has gone on for the last three years, and that the changes announced that day are major changes.
  • GM Jerry Angelo says that he’s displeased with how the players have played, no one has done their jobs well, but with the exception of the fired offensive assistants, no one else would be leaving.  And that he likes his roster.  Huh?
  • Everyone’s favorite stoic, nice guy, yet arrogant Head Coach Lovie Smith contradicts everything that had been said up to that point by stating that nothing would change with his defensive system.

So per Phillips, everything is changing.  Down to Lovie, who says nothing will change.

There are many names being thrown around for the open offensive and defensive coordinator positions.  It seems certain that Perry Fewell will have the defensive coordinator position if he wants it.  It’s been reported that the New York Giants will also be pursuing him, and I would imagine Fewell might be better served actually running a defense rather than being a puppet in Chicago taking advice from Smith, Marinelli and Babich who will actually be running the thing.

Many seem sure that Mike Martz will be given the offense.  A few years ago I would have been in heaven to hear that.  But now we know that as was proven in Detroit and San Francisco, without a solid if not spectacular offensive line, Martz’ offense does not work.  Who here thinks the Bears had a solid offensive line in 2009?

I still can’t figure out why the offensive coaches took the fall when it is Lovie Smith’s very own personal defense is the reason the Bears lost most of the games they lost from 2007-2009.  Most certainly the reason they lost all the blowouts they did.

Look, from a business standpoint I understand the Bears organization really could have done no more than this.  But to masquerade that these are major changes when they’re not, it’s a little insulting.

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  1. We all knew Turner would be thrown under the bus since they needed someone as a scapegoat. That said, Turner’s gameplans, even with a barely average overall package of offensive tools to work with, were always predictable and unimaginative, and he needed to go.

    As expected, the firings do nothing to address the root of the problem, which is nearly a decade’s worth of Angelo’s incompetence with consistently poor drafting, terrible “fantasy” vs. “reality” talent evaluation and awful FA acquisitions. All of that mess is compounded by Lovie’s own incompetence in STILL standing by a defensive scheme that does not work, manned by garbage on the field. On the Score this morning, Teddy was grilled somewhat by Hanley, not so much Mully in a good cop bad cop interview. I would really have liked to have heard them ask this question, which wasn’t asked:

    ”The Packers completely revamped their defensive scheme last year to this year, and in less than a a year with a new DC are statistically one of the best defenses in the league and set for years to come. Lovie’s defense, using Angelo’s draft picks, has been in steady decline for 3 years now, yet he’s sticking with the same defenseive plan. Please validate this ridiculous logic for the fans paying $100 a Sunday to watch this garbage.”

    So you bring in a new DC and OC. What contracts they get, who knows. Next year, we’re back here again, when Lovie actually gets canned. Then, what head coach of any value – whoever is even available at that point – is going to come here likely with a mandate that the “new” OC and DC have to stay? The answer is no one worth having, and the mess continues.

    It’s been clearly analyzed by Roy and others that the circus press conference was confusing, embarrassing, and hypocritical on many accounts. Again, even when the Bears look like they are trying to do what they think the is the “right” thing, they get it wrong. Every time the Bears have something to say publicly, it always looks like their PR staff must be made up interns from Spucklerville, Arkansas. And standing again at the top of the mess are Teddy and the McCaskey’s assuring us all will be well again soon – sorry, not buying it for a minute.

  2. Bottom line, the whole situation stinks. Logically thinking, Smith had to stay due to time left on his contract and the possible upcoming lockout.

    To me this organization seems to be trapped in the past and I don’t think the front office is a forward looking organization.

    The Bears front office spent the money, rolled the dice and lost. What boggles the mind is that Ted Phillips seems to be really pissed off but I don’t think even he really knows what to do.

    If next year is a repeat performance then whoever is hired will be moot because they will all be thrown out on their ear and I don’t have reason to believe that next year will be any different.

    Don’t buy the “Next Year” bull da dash, this team requires 2 or 3 years of making all the right moves to improve enough to make any postseason noise.

  3. I s*** myself right after I heard they were keeping Lovie. Them telling us that money was a non-issue is an insult to our collective intelligence. You’re the GM and President of a professional football team, you talk about hotdog prices three times a day, and you’re going to tell me money is not an issue? Bulls***. Just say you are going to take everything into consideration and come up with a decision that best suits the team. Don’t lie to us. What exactly do they have planned? If they didn’t see that we need a new defensive scheme this year then we are all doomed. Un-fricken-believable. I think Cowher really wants to coach for the Bears. Did anyone else seem to think the rumors of him not coaching in 2010 came right after the Bears announced Lovie was staying? Maybe I am imagining this because I want a coach that isn’t afraid to play good defense.

  4. That was a great post Grabber. I just want to say as a Bears fan, my head is hanging again. I’m so tired of the ‘Lather, Rinse, and Repeat’ situations as a Bear’s Fan. Why can’t the upper management and head coach just be honest with us. Just come out and say “we are making millions no matter if we win or lose. We have awesome salaries and we are gonna ride this m*********** till the wheels fall off.”

  5. I don’t think Fewell (or any other possible D coordinator) would take a job where he was going to be a puppet for a bunch of buffoons, or take a position where he would let that happen. And @GRABBER: I think Angelo made a few good FA acquisitions, and a few good draft picks, but I guess the sun even shines on a dog’s rear once in a while.

    Besides that I agree with everything, the Bears are approaching hopelessness.

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