Changes Afoot-But DON’T Ask Lovie

Thanks to everyone for the great comments, proving that win or lose we’re the best fans in the business.

I have a lot of thoughts right now about the future, particularly about the defensive backfield (which poster Rob just mentioned) and the offensive line.  How Jerry Angelo has decided to build those units and how scary the future looks there.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  There are still 10 games left for the Bears, and I hope they prove that heart and intelligent play will trump their limitations there.  If not, we’re going to find out in the next three weeks.

Yesterday’s news, which poster Scott beat me to, was that in all likelihood Hunter Hillenmeyer will move back to the middle linebacker position and finally Josh Beekman will replace Frank “flat on his face” Omiyale at left guard.

It’s good to see any kind of change in areas that have seen extremely poor play, and I hope it helps.  These changes had to be made.  But hearing that our MLB is Hunter Hillenmeyer and our left guard is an undersized guy whose best quality is “he didn’t do anything to lose the job last year” doesn’t exactly inspire great confidence in me.  But it’s all that can be done, and the changes are better than standing pat.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune lists the changes in a good article, and also writes that in the press conference, Lovie Smith snapped at reporters that dared to try to confirm the changes.  “I’m not telling you because I don’t want to,” were Smith’s words according to McClure.  Let’s remember that Smith is the coach that called reporters into a private meeting in 2005 to basically tell reporters they’re either with him or against him.  And again in 2007 after the release of defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, when he told reporters that they were obligated to trust his judgment.

Smith rides the horse of being a Christian man who wouldn’t dare utter a curse word, yet he feels it’s OK to bite the hand that feeds him as to me the reporters are the extension of the fan that pays his $5 million annual salary.

I have to act professional in my career where I make around 1 percent of his salary-just wondering why he can’t do the same?

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  1. Lovie has always been the type of coach who keeps the details within the organization. There may be a couple of reasons, he likes to keep opponents playing the guessing game, he realizes how vicious the Chicago sports media can be, or maybe it is all ego and he feels that his word is the end all be all. The real question is: Will this week provide any insight into the direction that the team is headed? On one hand we should be seeing improvements at some positions if the changes helped, but on the other hand…. it’s the Browns. It will certainly be interesting.

  2. Lovie Smith is just being a coach. You do not let the upcoming opponent know who will be starting at each position. Just the rumour that Beekman has practiced with the first team will have Mangini’s guys scrambling for film of the Bears O-line last year.
    I recall Beekman did a damn good job on the left side last year, but he is not without weakness which I am sure the Brown’s defense is studying film to exploit them.
    It is about damn time too. Omiyale would have probably been a fine tackle for us, but you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole. A guard has to be able to coordinate with the center and tackle and be on the same page. If you have played tackle all you have to worry about is what the quard is doing. Beekman is a natural guard/center and I think Cutler will have much more time and Forte will have bigger running lanes with this switch.
    The Bears season starts Sunday. I am more excited for the Arizona game because the restructured O-Line and secondary will have a true test in the Cards.
    Beekman helped Matt Ryan at BC and he can do the same for Cutler here. I see big things and a dramatic improvement for the Bears from this change. I see the offense getting in a rhythm and taking over games now.
    That’s right. Just one little switch. The O-line works as one solid cohesive unit but all the guys have to be on the same page. I think this change will allow it.
    Also, McKie needs to be used more as a lead blocker. Forte excels at coming around a good McKie block to pick up extra yards against defensive backs after McKie has taken an athletic linebacker out of the way.
    GO BEARS!!!!

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  5. Agreed Harry. WTF indeed. I figured someone would like that. I manually delete comments that are clearly spam…those will have a link to somewhere on the web people are trying to promote. I don’t get that one, it’s not spam but agreed it makes no sense. So I figured I’d leave it to see if anyone else could figure it out :)

  6. Perhaps Daisy will come back and enlighten us…otherwise, I have no clue. Good for a laugh though.

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