Careful What We Wish For

First, let me mention that I lived through and witnessed the Neill Armstrong era, the end of Mike Ditka, the Wannstedt and Jauron fiascos, the “mutual parting of the ways” of Mark Hatley and the Bears, and the bungled search that resulted in the hiring of Lovie Smith.  Saying that, I can almost say that I can’t remember seeing the Bears in quite as much chaos as they are in now.  And that’s hard to believe.

Possibly when Mom Virginia fired son Michael, that was pretty chaotic. That move landed the family a new stadium with new revenues, but didn’t necessarily significantly change the fortuntes of the team.  Yes, I’m not forgetting they did go to the Super Bowl (and lose it), but as I’ve mentioned before here the Bears are good for quickly turning their fortunes in reverse whenever they do find themselves making the playoffs consistently.

The moral of this close-to-Christmas story is that unfortunately, as much as all of us are looking for drastic changes with the Bears, let’s remember to be careful what we wish for.

Personally, I would like to see something happen that I’m very confident will not happen.  I have no confidence in Jerry Angelo being able to draft and acquire the talent that’s going to be required to completely rebuild this team.  Angelo, if we’ll remember all the way back to last weekend, says that good young talent is in place for the Bears to win.  Please let that sit on your mind for a minute and consider that statement.  To Angelo, Al Afalava, Kevin Payne and Zack Bowman are good enough DB’s to win.  An over the hill and unmotivated Tommie Harris, Mark Anderson, and Gaines Adams are powerful defensive linemen.  Orlando Pace, Chris Williams, Olin Kreutz, Roberto Garza and Frank Omiyale are the solution at offensive line.  Do you trust what Jerry says?

So now it looks like Jerry just might be throwing Lovie and his staff under the bus.  So let’s say he and the family do fire the whole coaching staff and start fresh.  We all do remember the last time Angelo struck out to hire a new coach and staff, right?  He bumbled through a cross-country tour.  His desired coach (Nick Saban) turned him down almost immediately because he wouldn’t cede or share personnel power.  It was then reported that he asked Jeff Tedford (Cal) and Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) the opportunity to interview and they said “no thanks”.  Angelo was then left to interview virtually the last two candidates standing, Smith and Russ Grimm.  At least Smith was able to explain to the media what his plans for the team would be, Grimm’s only answer seemed to be that he’s a “meat and potatoes guy.”

Be very wary if Angelo sets out to hire a replacement for Smith.  In all liklihood, that replacement will be an NFL assistant, a college coach or a college assistant for all we know.  No way is Angelo hiring Bill Cowher, unless miraculously the McCaskeys demand for him to do so.  And if that is the case, Angelo will probably walk.

The likely scenario here is if Angelo does fire Lovie and staff, he’ll be looking to replace them with a staff that will command the least money possible, since the family will be paying Smith and his staff for another two years.  Can we be hopeful that Angelo will catch lightning in a bottle and find a diamond in the rough?  And that he will turn around his personnel acquisition skills quickly and rebuild the team successfully?  Sure, we can hope for that.  How many of you are confident in it, though?

So I say again as I did in December of 2003.  Don’t fire Smith for the sake of firing him, if Angelo isn’t damn sure he knows exactly the right coach to replace him.  Do I want to see Smith and his incompetent cronies gone?  Hell yes.  But keeping Smith only equals maximum two more years of abysmal Bears football.  After that, both Angelo and Smith can be gone at the same time.  But if Angelo hires the wrong new (cheap) coach and staff for four years, what does that solve?

Talk to you all again on Monday.  Happy Holidays.

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  1. Can’t disagree more. We’re at a crossroads with Jay Cutler and cannot afford to risk further damage to him longterm by leaving Smith around.
    Another season like and he’s ruined forever. Lovie Smith has hired two offensive Coordinators; terry shea, and Ron Turner. Do you really want to see who’s behind door #3? Yikes! Especially since everyone would know that Smith has only one year left before he’s fired. Not quality OC would come to Chicago under those circumstances.
    While I understand the view that it’s unbearlike to go after Cowher or Shanahan, or even Jeff Fisher if he comes available. All three hae expressed interest in coming here. That says something. And Angelo has always preached that they make draft picks with major imput by the coach. So I think it’s reasonable to think that the draft picks would improve with a better coach.
    Even if they didn’t land one of the big fish, wouldn’t Ron Rivera be a major upgrade over Smith?
    I want anybody but Smith, it cannot possibly be any worse.

  2. What happens if there is no season in 2011? From what I’ve read online, this is a real possibility. Is Lovie still owed his money for that year, regardless of what happens?

  3. Andy, Smith and Angelo have contracts that pay them in 2011 regardless if there are players to manage and coach. How about that? And Al…believe me, the thought of “trust me to win and I’ll lose” Smith and cronies staying around until 2011 makes me sick. I’m just saying, what if Angelo stays and hires another coach that doesn’t pan out ala Wanny/Jauron, then we’re stuck for 4 more years rather than 2. My confidence in Angelo hiring the correct coach on the cheap is not high.

  4. Just a thought, but WHY oh WHY (the answer is probably $$) not do what the Bills did earlier this season; fire the top man (smith), and maybe even Angelo and Turner too!!!, temporarily promote someone from within(Dave Toub from Special Teams?) and thus give a rocket up the backside to all those who are non-performing, players and coaches alike.???!?

    is this too logical?!?!

  5. I have zero confidence in Angelo hiring a coach period, on the cheap or otherwise. I would rather just see two more years of this sport the Bears call football, but my fear is the longer they wait the less likely we would be able to find someone willing to come in and take over this franchise outside of a shot in the dark, looking for an opportunity canidate. As hard as it is to believe it could get worse assuming teams like the Lions start to get better with the young talent they have, and the Bears keep the same people running things. If the McCaskey family is all about the money, to me it would make sense of building a team that consistently contends and makes the playoffs because there would be more games to take revenue in from and the more the Bears are in the spotlight and winning the more merchandise they will sell on bandwagon fans alone. To me if there was ever a time to bite the bullet and start over with the direction of a team it is now with the coaches available to start turning the team in the right direction and a Quarterback who the franchise could be built around given he has the right support. I don’t believe Cutler is as bad as he looks right now and my belief, as it was with Grossman but I would take Cutler over Grossman but the same goes, is that there has never been a coach here that a QB could turn to and learn what he is doing wrong and how to improve decision making or what not. Cutler continues to turn to ex-Bronco coaches for help but it isn’t the same just talking to someone about it vs them being here coaching him and showing him what to do and mentoring him. I think that would have helped Grossman and who knows just a little help and we may be in a different place. Not just saying we need only a QB coach but someone who knows what coaches are needed to help the players you have.

  6. Alas, another losing money-making season for the McCaca’s. No we won’t go after anybig name coach. For he would wield much power and control over hmm let me think. WINNING!!!. Now we can’t have that now. Let keep hope alive on the losing ways!! Hey Jerry Angelo, how bout’ trading half the team for lets say a Demacus Russell for 3 first round draft picks till 2013? Hell we dont never start our first rounders anyway. And the second roundewrs we can never sign or they dont start. So lets keep up the tradition of money and YOU being over the fans and winning. I am sure Mr. Payton, and Papa Halas would have wanted that way!! Go after Cower!?? REALLY ?!? SERIOUSLY?!?! My money is on Zorn!!!

  7. to get rid of Angelo & Lovie would cost in excess of $75 million to buy out contracts and replace them. That’s not going to happen. The McCaskeys make the same money every year or not, win or lose. And they clearly don’t know much about football. Most likely scenario is Turner gets thrown to the wolves along with Hiestand, Drake and Babich. What we need is players ! An offensive line, a free safety, a MLB and a big monster receiver e.g. Vincent Jackson or Brandon Marshall. Get Joe Bugel in to marshal the OL and trade Hester/Harris?olsen for some picks to rebuild the OL …

  8. Fire the Offensive staff and bring in Charlie Wies!!!

  9. IrishBearsFan, NO WAY should we trade Hester, Olsen, or Harris. Who are going to bring in? Charlie Wies is the man to hire to fix the Offensive woe’s!!!

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