Cardinals at Bears 2009

Is it me, or does it seem that Tribune writer Dan Pompei works for the Bears’ PR staff?  Recently Pompei wrote an article defending Ron Turner.  And today he writes that cornerback Nathan Vasher is “born again at safety”, even though the player has been at the new position for a grand total of nine practices.

Vasher’s story is intriguing to me in a disappointing way.  How does a player go from a rising star in 2004, Pro Bowler in 2005, very solid in 2006, injured in 2007, to questionable in 2008, then benched at his position in 2009.  Oh wait, I forgot, he had a strong pass rush in front of him in ’05 and ’06.

Perhaps I’m forgetting about articles Pompei has written that don’t sound as if they’re defending the Bears organization, and if I see some in the future I will give him his due.

Predictions for Sunday?  My only prediction is that it’s make or break time.  Win against a strong but inconsistent Cardinals team and there is Wildcard hope.  Lose, and unfortunately talk of playoffs will be pretty much futile going forward.  True, the Bears will only be 4-4 which will not be worth jumping off buildings.   But with the Vikings at 7-1 and facing the weakest part of their schedule any hope of the division championship will be gone.

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  1. Agree with you Roy, a must-win to keep our playoff hopes alive. Gut check time, too. Yeah our defense looked pretty good against the Browns, but can they garner the same results against a legitmate NFL offense? To me, the game will come down to line play. Can our D-line generate pressure on Warner, in the form of sacks, hits and hurries, and can our O-line keep Cutler upright and protect him better than they have thus far this season? I think it will be a close game, and I’m not sure if we’ll come out on top. As a life-long Bears fan, I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Let’s see what our boys are made of! GO BEARS!

  2. I think the Bears come out with a killer instict to prove they’re a legitimate team and the defense looks faster than it has all season. The Bears will be the first to put points on the board to in front of a packed house full of crazed Chicagoans yearning for a playoff run. This will be the start of the cogs coming together…


    The Bears get destroyed, end of season. I’m hoping for situation #1!!

  3. Pompeii has to write things that are positive. Everyone else does so much BEAR-BASHING, it may help his column stand out.
    The Arizona game will tell us alot.
    If the Bears win it will be great, but do not forget they have a 4 day turnaround to go to San Fran for a Thursday night game. If they lose that game then everyone will be in panic mode needlessly. It would be horrific to have a short week and then have to play in California. No healing time plus jet-lag. If Chicago wins that one it will talk of the toughness they have.
    Do all the Bears “fans” abandon them if they have a short week and a game on the west coast and lose?
    The important games that I feel are MUST WINS coming up are
    Philadelphia and Minnesota.
    If the Bears go 3-1 on the next four I will feel good about this team.
    Have some faith in them. I think the Bears are going to really come together soon. I feel it in my gut. Win all your home games and steal a couple on the road is a great formula for getting to the playoffs!
    GO BEARS!!!!

  4. All NFC games, from here on out, will be extremely important in terms of the playoff picture.

  5. Something interesting…
    I was watching Bears Blitz the other day and they were talking about Alex Brown’s 4 sack performance against Kurt Warner when he was with the Giants.
    I wonder if Alex Brown will have a repeat performance. Sometimes it is the QB that causes a sack and maybe AB just knows where Warner is going to be.
    If the Bears put major pressure on Warner it doesn’t matter who the receivers are. The Bears can get some takeaways and win.
    Just a thought.
    GO BEARS!!!!

  6. Anyone know where to get a game feed?

  7. Just because I am a GIRL does not mean I don’t know good from bad players/plays. I was against Orton being traded – I even wrote a positive to Kyle once, Anyway, Cutler reminds me of Grossman = a goofy, inconsistent and wishy-washy quarterback. Although I will say I met Grossman once, he was a nice guy still not a good quarterback. Factor Cutler along with a weak Bears offense and a lukewarm Bears defense, well we have a problematic team!

    I love the Bears. I have tried to break free of them, but I am a hopeless addict to this team. However, I have to admit they are not a good team and certainly do not deserve to make the playoffs.

    We put a great deal of pressure on our Bears Team (one team one city is right!), so perhaps we fans are part of the problem.

    To the Bears Team I say, play ball, earn your money, play ball, enjoy the games, win with class!

  8. Joyce – Why are you bringing up being a girl? Did you mean to comment on another story? Anyways, good riddance to Orton, and Cutler actually had a very good game…just not good enough. Tough to win a game when the opposing team scores a TD on 90% of series.

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