Cardinals 41, Bears 21

Pains me to write that.  Not just another loss, but another lopsided loss to an average team.  Two in three weeks.  Over 40 points allowed twice in three weeks.  31 points allowed in a half for the second time this season.

Don’t know what else to say, other than we know if the Bears can’t beat average teams, then they’re not a playoff team.

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  1. So glad I didn’t get tickets to the SF game (live in CA), being a Bears fan is brutle. Lovie Smith doesn’t appear to have one ounce of emotion in his body, which translates to no urgency or emotion from the team….one of the reasons we are losing…did Smith even say anything to Harris when he was ejected…I will told him if he does something like that again…he is off the team for good…but Lovie just probably took it in stride like all of our losses….just because Urlacher is out doesn’t mean the defense can have an excuse for terrible play.

  2. After being outclassed, outcoached and completely exposed for what they truly are after the Bengals loss, my post ripping Lovie for being the incompetent fool he is was met with criticism for being too quick to react after one loss.

    After seeing Lovie’s defense get lit up for 95 points in two losses in the last three weeks that were over by halftime, let’s get in touch with the reality that Lovie’s defensive gameplanning and philosophy is completely incompetent and we have a roster full of bad players not being held accountable by a bad coach. It’s really that simple.

    As Roy said a few weeks ago, the Bears will not win as long as Lovie is here. Is he the only reason this team is closer in talent level to the Raiders or Rams than the Vikings or Saints? No, that falls on him and Angelo for assembling a roster full of flash in the pan, declining, and just plain terrible players.

    As I’ve said before, Lovie’s arrow has been trending downward for a while. Please, let’s hear no talk of style points or “it’s just one loss” today – its obvious this is well past that and it’s going to take major rebuilding to put something around Cutler to have a chance to win. Lovie clearly did not have this team prepared on either side of the ball for two of the last three weeks with a game in between against the barely more incompetent Browns where just showing up gets you a win.

    Seeing the Cardinals convert their first 8 third downs and first 5 offensive possessions is practically a carbon copy of the Bengals game and shows the Bears have made no adjustments since that game. I know some people will inevitably argue it was Warner doing the slicing and dicing, but Jonathan Quinn, Ryan Leaf, or Tim Couch out of retirement could have done the same thing. Anyone disputing the fact this is one of the worst overall defenses in the league needs to have their head examined.

    There was plenty of other incompetence to go around – pop up kickoffs almost being recovered, 6-7 guys needed to make tackles, missed FG returned for 50 yards, etc. As for Tommie, the guy is just a useless and clueless loser at this point. He has no impact whatsoever anymore in this league. This team right now is a true embarrassment to the fans paying their salaries to see this garbage, and it was evident with all the booing well before halftime.

  3. What Grabber said is pretty much on point.

    Any team with a good offense should light up the Bears the rest of the season. I firmly expect the Eagles and Vikings to easily light us up for 40 points. Hell maybe even the Ravens will be able to do it.

    The Bears have maybe 2 wins the rest of the season. The Rams and Lions. They might get lucky and win on MNF against the Vikings if its about 30 below zero and Favre is frozen to death. We finish 6-10, give the Broncos a decent draft pick and are pretty hampered this offseason. Free Agency, the Bears will need to spend alot of money this off season. Too bad a new eniter coaching staff wont be coming with, because in reality, except for Dave Toub in my opinion, this entire coaching staff needs to go.

  4. I’d like to start off by saying that this was the first Bears game that I’ve attended in person. It allowed a glimpse into what isn’t seen when the TV cameras turn off for commercials. There is zero discipline on this team. There’s no hustle and there’s no heart. It was disgusting, I felt ashamed walking out of there. I can no longer continue to defend this coaching staff. They made no adjustments and made no attempts to speed up the tempo of the game when it mattered. They just continued to saunter around like they were up by two scores. When the fans cheer because you were actually able to stop a third down conversion in the fourth quarter something is terribly, terribly wrong.
    As for Lovie’s press conference after the game, the guy is delusional. He’s in complete denial about the state of his squad, poised perhaps on the cusp of a Wanny-esque meltdown. What a mess. My fear is that as long as they continue to sell out those games nothing will be done to right this ship. I can only hope that someone in the organization will step up and do what needs to be done.

    I thought Holmes on WSCR summed it up pretty well, he said ” So Lovie to break the season down into quarters, well you just finished the second quarter a likes nd you’re 1-3.” “Three years ago he said ‘trust me’ and in that time he’s been .500″. That about says it all. With the 2010 draft all but pointless, this may be a bad situation for several years to come.

    Grabber is absolutely right, it wasn’t just Warner doing it to the defense. It was also what was supposedly the leagues worst run game stacking up somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 yards against us. We were soundly beaten and embarrassed in all facets of the game.

  5. Not much can be said. It’s a very bad team. And uninspired, too. I agree with Scott, and won’t be surprised to see them lose even one of those two games (Lions and Rams).

    I just feel so bad for Cutler, who is proving how tough he is.

  6. We need to start a campaign to bring in Bill Cowher. We need someone on the sidelines that will absolutely lose it when their team plays that poorly and doesn’t seem to care.

  7. Brad brings up a good point about what they did to us with the running game, and the fact that the 2010 draft is meaningless. Scott’s right that the only viable options will come via FA, but that assumes the Bears will spend and make the right choices, but unfortunately history tells us they don’t do this or anything well when it comes to building out a roster.

    Bottom line is week to week, this team has now been exposed front and center as being completely unprepared and unable to do practically anything right. Even though the media heat and fan anger is now obviously on Lovie more than ever before, I’m still not confident anything positive is going to happen anytime soon. To me, the only good thing you can say right now, if you can even use that word, is that this is Lovie’s defense now, and there’s no longer anyone else to blame it’s failures on than him.

  8. The free agency splash would have to be huge, and as Grabber stated history has taught us how the McCaskeys like to pinch pennies. Please for the love of God let someone in that front office make a stand.

  9. It was just yet another disappointing Sunday night, and I can’t disagree with anything that other posters have written. At the end of the day, the Bears are a just-below-middle-of-the-pack-also-ran and I don’t see that changing for the foreseeable future, certainly not until there is a change of coaching staff and a huge change of ethos at the Bears – get some aggressive, never say die football attitude going. I suppose the bright spot was Jay Cutler – although I am only going on the stats – it would appear that he had a good night despite everything the OL made him go through. We do, at least, have a top QB and if he is patient enough to stay with the Bears until we get some draft picks some coaches with balls (and I don’t mean footballs!), we should be able to build a good team around him.

  10. Everyone keeps assuming that because of the guaranteed $10 million, and knowing the way the McCaskeys do business, that Lovie is secure for at least one more year. And at least one member of the media (I won’t name the source) says he should be given a mandate of playoffs or you’re out for next year, which I don’t agree with — the problem is the mandate should have been for THIS year, not next.

    Eating bad contracts happens all the time in the NFL and every other league. The only problem is the Bears seem to do it a lot more often than most due to their poor decision making. I’m not saying it will happen, but unless they dump Lovie before his contract is up (and find someone else, which we know the Bears always screw up) you’re going to potentially have a few wasted years because you’ve already invested in Cutler. Angelo’s already gotten the McCaskeys to buy in and invest a lot in Cutler with the extension. Keeping Lovie and his staff around for 2 more years is only going to eat into part of that extension time w/o really starting to solve and address the issues at hand, and that will essentially cancel out much of the positive of getting Cutler to begin with.

    I said it when they got Cutler and will say it again: If the Bears aren’t able to figure out how to get to mutliple playoff berths with Cutler here, something is terribly, terribly wrong with the way football operations are being run. Unfortunately, as we’ve all seen from all the years of hard work Roy has dedicated to writing about this topic, we can see that this is the case. The sad fact is that Bears’ business model is closer to that of the Browns or Raiders than it is to the Steelers or Patriots.

  11. Yesterdays game made it clear that this team is avarage at best. I love watching chicago football. Yesterday was the first time I walked away even before the half. I have the feeling its going to get worse long before it gets better. That team need leadership and someone to hold people accountable.

  12. Thanks for embarrassing the city of Chicago and all Bears fans, 2009 Chicago Bears. What a horrible effort yesterday and the week before. So much needs to change, it will be interesting to see what happens the rest of this season. I would say let’s start looking forward to a high draft pick, but the Bears won’t even be attending the first day of the NFL draft. Good luck with those picks Broncos and Bucs!!

  13. rome-in-albuquerque on November 9th, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    Yea wow so everyone of u is on point!!!what I don’t get is that all us fans and media see what’s going on but it looks like the orginization doesn’t have a clue…we get a great qb in cutler but have no line and no defense to back him up but what bothers me the most is that nobody on the bears seem to care there’s no heart fire or desire the things that are supposed to drive these guys to play football to begin with its not just another game its a lost season!!! And I used to love lovie but now this whole soul searching thing come on lovie its time to breath fire down there butts and in all reality that won’t happen!!! I love the bears I always will but it looks like were still going to have to wait years for a ring ita not coming under this regime

  14. Bill Cowher. Get him. It has nothing to do with the talent on this team. Lovie and co. aren’t devoid of drafting talent, as shown by the fact that when our players go elsewhere they succeed. The problems lie in execution whose responsibility falls directly on the coach’s shoulders. A person who is unable to motivate his players to play better cannot be a successful coach in the NFL. Has anyone else wondered why when Tommie Harris and Hunter Hillenmeier are on the sidelines we seem to give up a ton of points and give away games as quickly as possible?

  15. Sad to say, but the only way to get the McCaskey’s attention is for revenue to be severely reduced. That means fans will need to boycott games. Bears fans should not have to shell out huge amounts of money to see what the Bears are offering for us this season.Bring in Bill Parcells or Mike Holmgren as GM. How about Bill Cowher or Mike Singletary as head coach. Those two would demand accountability from EVERYONE. It’s too bad we can’t bring back Ditka.

    What bothers me especially during interviews and post-game press conferences is that NOBODY among the coaches and players seem pissed! It’s the same old “We didn’t get the job done today. We need to get better at ________________.” Well…DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. “Don’t have a lot of reasons to give you why we played that way. I know we’re a better football team than that. But of course, our play didn’t say that today.”
    Thanks Lovie for all of your usual, and I might add, predictable insight. You are a broken record that we are all bored to death with. The man shows no emotion what-so-ever, so why should his players play with any emotion. Watching Lovie go through the motions is as boring as watching my barber cut hair. What does it take to piss this man off and chew some butt on the sidelines. How a man this passive got this far in the NFL behooves me. Win or lose, I’d rather see Iron Mike pacing up and down the sidelines like a wounded lion anyday. Lovie should be coaching a grade school girls basketball team where it is important not to get to emotional and not to hurt some little girls feelings when they do something wrong. He really needs to grow a set.

  17. One more thing; Why the hell is Cutler still in the game when it is a lost cause? He has all the tools, plus the guts, to be a great quarterback and the Bears are blessed to have him in my opinion. Given the time to throw, he is as good as they get. Just another indication of Lovie’s stupidity in leaving him in a game that is truly lost.

  18. I couldn’t help but notice that Jerry
    Angelo’s contract ends the same year Cutler’s does. If they don’t win a superbowl by then, we may loose a franchise QB too. After 2010, the draft picks need to be on point.

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