Cap and Signing Bliss

Just a quick comment today.? I’d like to reflect on how nice it is that the Chicago Bears have the right people in place to manage the salary cap and get all their draft picks into camp on time.? I say this in light of the nasty holdouts currently happening with guys like Brady Quinn in Cleveland and Jon Beason in Carolina.

?Believe me, I’m hard on the Bears organization when it’s warranted, and am sure I’ll get more than a few jabs in here this year.? I still don’t think the organization is as fan-friendly as they like to say they are.? But I always try to disspell the myth that “the McCaskey family just doesn’t want to spend money on good players.”? Even when Michael was still running the team pre-1999, the organization did spend the money on players.? Before Jerry Angelo got here, they just spent big money on the wrong players, for the most part.? (See Alonzo Spellman, Bryan Cox, Rick Mirer, I could go on).

Even during the Mark Hatley years, and into the current Angelo era, the Chicago Bears have managed their salary cap possibly better than any team in the NFL.? This as other teams like San Francisco,??Jacksonville and Dallas have heavily mortgaged their futures and imploded several times?due to mismanagement of the future needs?of the team.? Then?there’s Dan Snyder’s Redskins, who will be blowing up their team on a yearly basis as long as he’s in charge.? And what has it gotten him?

It’s easy for a team to manage their cap well when the team is a consistent loser (with the exception of the Redskins, apparently).? We’ll see how?Angleo does in the next several years, with players like?Rex Grossman, Tommie Harris and Bernard Berrian coming due for extensions.?

So far, so good.

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