Browns at Bears 2009

I’m not one to wish time away-but have to say I’m glad it’s Friday and we can finally look forward to Sunday’s home game against the putrid Browns.

The Bears need to win this game handily.  If they beat Cleveland by two touchdowns, the defense returns to form and Cutler & Forte have strong games, I think we can begin to feel better after last week’s debacle.

But unfortunately even if the Bears squeak by with a win and the problem areas continue, we still have valid reasons to be nervous.

I won’t even go to the unthinkable-if the Bears give the Browns their second win against 6 losses, because the Bears can’t possibly lose this week.  Um, can they?

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  1. Well, the same team that kicked the living crap out of the Bears barely beat this pathetic Browns team in OT. The NFL can be interesting at times. I myself only care about wins and losses and don’t care about style points. So, just get a win, and any improvements will be gravy for me.

  2. People can say what they want about the Chicago Bears, but I see some men whose pride is on the line. I think all Bears fans were sick to their stomach with the Bears performance in Cincy last week.
    However, the Chicago Bears are a proud organization.
    Chicago Bears fans are proud people.
    You better believe that the Bears are disgusted with the turd they left on the field last Sunday.
    I see the Bears coming out and playing well (of course I said something very similar last week and was forced to watch the Beloved get hit in the mouth repeatedly)
    Hillenmeyer will do well lining up the D in the middle.
    Beekman should look good on the left side of the line.
    the Bears should punish the Browns for what the Bengals did to them last week.
    The only question I have is (because as a fan I am allowed to look at the string of games coming) how do they respond against a good Cardinals offense? Yeah. They will beat the Browns. Big deal. I will not believe that the Bears are contenders until they can go on the road and dominate a team at THEIR stadium. The 06 Bears could and they made it to the BIG GAME.
    I am not writing this team off. They have what it takes.
    The question is are they going to PUT UP or GIVE UP.
    Which team are they?
    time will tell.

  3. I’m recollecting about the LAST time Cleveland came to Soldier Field. I never had so fun shoving their loudmouth smack right back in their face after James Allen and Mike Brown (with credit to Bryan Robinson) took care of business.

    Keep the turnovers at zero and the ball out of Josh Cribb’s hand and we win this game handily: my prediction is 30-14 Bears.

  4. Yeah, good point Jeff (hey, that’s my name, too!). Josh Cribb is about the only chance they have of scoring. Kick the ball out of bounds every time…

  5. Win Big for Sweetness.

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