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I’ve been silent on the Lance Briggs contract/trade demands, and I’m interested to know what the thoughts of other Bears fans are.

On the one hand, does it anger me that a person who has made over $20 million in his career publicly states that he is underpaid and demands more money?  Yes, yes it does.  Personally I’m not a real big fan of Briggs the person, although I have celebrated that Briggs the player is a Bear.

However, I’m almost unhappy that I can see another side to this, but I can.  The Bears set a precedent with Brian Urlacher when they renegotiated and added time and money to his existing contract prior to the 2008 season.  Urlacher’s deal was reworked and sweetened at a time that his play had diminished.  Brigg’ play has not diminished.  So how is it unfair for Briggs to be asked to be treated as Urlacher was, when he has made multiple consecutive Pro Bowls?

I’m a little torn, and need your thoughts.

Football is here!

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  1. He and his assphat agent planned this all along. If they tell you otherwise, they are lying. He signed a front loaded contract. So, why is he shocked that other linebackers make more than him? As for Urlacher, different situation. When Brian signed his contract, the salary cap was only $80/something. It was up to $120+ million when Brian asked for an extension. The salary cap was 127 when Briggs signed his deal, and it’s now 120. Briggs also tested the FA market to teach the Bears a lesson. Sure enough, he had no problem re-signing once he realized the Bears offer was the best one on the market. Forte is the one that should be unhappy right now. He is a RB, and they have a short life span. Briggs can probably play until he is 35 and still be effective.

  2. Very good opinions JDM! Thanks for some more food for thought on the matter.

  3. From the little knowledge I have on how US football operates, I think the Bears are in a no win situation here. If they agree to re-negotiate with Briggs, what is to stop someone like Cutler or Hester to demand more cash further down the line.

    Before the Meriweather signing I read the Bears had a $19 million dollar space in the salary cap so it comes as no surprise to see some players wanting a piece of it.

    I agree with jdm too about Forte. Angelo should have moved heaven and earth to tie Forte down to a long term deal. Is this the last year of his contract and do Chicago have any lee-way in offering him something before another team comes in for him at the end of the season????

    On a personal note,I got my tickets for the Wembley Bears/Bucs game today. I soooo cannot wait for Oct 23rd.

  4. Forte is in the last year of his contract that pays him $600K. No one should have a problem with him asking for extension. Insiders like John Mullin have hinted if Forte doesn’t sign a deal this year, the Bears will franchise him next year. The franchise number is $9.5 million.

  5. When compared to how Dick Butkus was treated by the Bears, Briggs has nothing to complain about. In a time of recession, he comes off as a big baby.

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