Brad on the 2008 Chicago Bears

Couple more to go, today here is Brad’s take:

The season started out with the usual sense of vigor and enthusiasm. Two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, changes to the O-line, supposed upgrades at wide receiver, returning members of a re-energized lights out defense. This year had all the makings of what should be a great season.

Our first opponents were the feared Indianapolis Colts, and their high powered offense anchored by names like Manning, Wayne, Clark and Addai. This will really be a litmus test for the way the year would pan out. I can vividly remember sitting in the local dive bar by my folks cabin in the U.P. with my Dad, watching as that game unfolded, watching a rookie running back put up 123 yards on what was thought to be one of the AFC’s top defenses. Watching Kyle Orton play Pro Bowl caliber football and the defense play like they were actually concerned with stopping an opposing offense. I remember how great it was to see Mike Brown back in his rightful spot on the field. I really thought that game would set the tone for the season………. then, the next week, reality set in.

They followed with back to back losses, and the futility only continued from there. Granted they were all close games, but we continually came up on the short end of the stick because of stupid mistakes. Poor clock management, lack of in game adjustments and all around bad game planning. I still cannot get my head around the arrogance of this coaching staff. How can you be so nonchalant about everything?!? “We want the best players on the field and with those types of injuries you have to go week to week”, “We thought we did a good job in preparing for ______________ and we’ll continue to build on that”. etc. Obviously the current staff will be around for some time, but come on.

As far as the bright spots go: I agree with Higgins totally about the TE’s, solid. Wide Receiver…. complete debacle. Quarterback, I honestly think Orton will be OK. Running Back, I hope Forte continues to perform at this season’s caliber for years to come, but I also think folks need to cool it with the Sweetness comparisons until the kid gets some time under his belt.¬† Defense, you all need to be b*&^h slapped back into reality, with the exception of a few, Alex Brown, Marcus Harrison, Izzy, keep it up.

I guess to sum it all up in a word, disappointment, plain and simple. I really hope we can tighten some things up in the off season and pick up some impact players, for I fear that if we don’t the futility will continue for some time.


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