Biggest Game of Smith’s Career?

To me, it seems that this Sunday’s game vs. New England at Soldier Field will be the most important regular season game of Lovie Smith’s career.  The Patriots are scary, coming off a 45-3 drubbing of the New York Jets last night.

I’m not saying it’s do-or-die, even though a Bears loss and a Packer win over Detroit will put the teams back in a tie for the division.

But it would certainly be nice to win.

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  1. Here’s why it would be even nicer to win…The Patriots are something like 18-1 after losses since 2003. The Patriots play the Packers after us.

  2. The recap says Brady “hasn’t been picked off in seven consecutive games” now. Reminds me of Vick before he came to Chicago (and their drubbing of the Jets reminds of the drubbing of the Redskins by the Eagles on the previous game).
    Plus the Bears D didn’t get a turnover against Detroit.
    Dices have to roll again, chances are Brady will give us a couple Ints and we certainly won’t get drubbed.
    It will indeed be interesting how Lovie and his trio of ex-headcoaches fare against the mastermind Belichick.

  3. If anyone even thinks the bears could match up to the New England Patriots you have to be dreaming and IM a Bears fan.The only Game the Bears really impressed me with was the Philadelphia one, but then again it was at home. The bears have caught all the breaks in most of thier games including the lose to the terrible Lions, I mean a technicality win on that first game with Detroit.I believe the score of Sunday’s game will be Patriots 32 Chicago 23. It will be very windy Sunday, so you could take Robbie Gold out of the mix as far as kicking 40 yard field goals. In order for the bears to win they have to run the ball not pass it, you start getting in a passing marathon and Brady will burn you, with his receivers. You can Bl;itz him but he will get rid of the ball before you get there thats a fact, the bears will have one second to get to him thats it. Last of all compare thier divisions, it’s a solid division and our division looks like ground up dog meat with the exception of Green Bay, by the way Rogers is 5 in the league in Passing and you really think you can beat him in Green Bay, very doubtful even with all of thier 9 injuries good luck. He’s another fact if the bears don’t go to the super bowl this year, we get back turtle head lovie smith as coach again. Next year we won’t be so lucky, we still have to compete with the likes of Green Bay and what’s worse is the Detroit Lions with out a doubt gets two more first round picks and a second that’s good enough for another first rounder. Truth of the story is, if Bears don’t go to the super bowl this year which I doubt, they finish in third place next year regardless of thier schedule. If they bears are still lucky they will lose to New England, Beat the vikings, beat the jets and lose in Green Bay. Just remmeber you heard it here first for this year and next LOL>

  4. Well, I don’t think a loss to New England on sunday will break Lovie Smith’s career in Chicago but I believe a win could make it. And that is either a good or bad thing, depending on what your perspective is on Lovie Smith coaching the Bears.

    We do have some things working in our favor. We’re at home to begin with and the Patriots run defense is suspect. They gave up almost 5 yds a carry to the Jets last night. If the Bears could exploit that and as a result open things up which could enable them to take chances downfield, I think we’ll be in it. I see the Bears coming out on top. You damn right.

  5. Tom Julius Peppers , and Urlacher & Co. New England defense:Defense 31st 114.1 (17th) 276.8 (31st). Bears defense: Defense 3rd 84.9 (2nd) 215.4 (13th). Everyone knows the Patriots are a good team… News Flash! So Are WE! …and if the weather is so bad, that all you can do is run the ball, that means they have to run the ball too….

  6. I’m thinking that by the way Bob spells, and punctuates, he must be a Packers fan.. or, at least I hope!

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