Beware of Giants

The Bears are leading the NFC with a surprising 3-0 record and have beaten two teams predicted by most “experts” to play in Super Bowl 45, the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.  This Sunday night, the Bears travel to New York to take on the Giants in prime time in their new stadium.  The Bears and Giants appear to be headed in opposite directions.  New York is 1-2 and has looked more confused, disorganized and out of touch with each week that goes by.

Even former Giant Tiki Barber thinks that coach Tom Coughlin’s control of the team is slipping away.  This is something I was sure would happen in 2007.  What did the Giants do instead?  Win an extremely improbable Super Bowl victory.

I was impressed watching how the Bears rose to the occasion to defeat Dallas and Green Bay.  This upcoming game is scaring me a little.  By all appearances it looks like it should be a winnable game against a team spiraling out of control.  But in order to beat a wounded, embarrassed team on their own turf on national television, the Bears are going to have to bring their A game.

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  1. Totally agree with you Ron, this game seems TOO winnable. I’m thinking there’s NO way the Bears should lose this game…is that just because I’m drinking the Kool-Aid? Does the rest of the nation feel like that? If they do then this game could mean trouble.

  2. *Roy not Ron…sorry.

  3. Get that all the time Perno, no sweat.

  4. This is one of those trap games…

    But if the Bears keep playing as they have (atleast..I hope they play better) they should win this one as well.. The Giants have two big injuries on their team (Manningham and O’Hara)…the Bears have completely shut down the run this year…so it makes the Giants one dimensional.

  5. On the other hand, for some reason the Giants are favored in this game according to Vegas. Why that is, I can’t imagine…who would bet on New York right now?

    But maybe the Bears can use this as “motivation” against a “lack of respect”.

  6. Spreads are not meant to predict the outcome of a game, they are used to entice people to bet. I think these teams are a lot closer than you think. The Giants aren’t playing to their potential and the Bears are playing their best football right now. Should be a classic defensive game against two storied franchises, can’t wait! – The better way to follow your favorite sports.

  7. Only 60% of the “experts” are picking the giants, which should still give the Bears a little extra motivation and less pressure. What worries me in the long term is that at one point, if they keep winning, all the “experts” are going to pick them, and they are going to need to find another motivator.
    The giants might fight like a wounded beast, plus at home, so it’s sure going to be a Mega-tough game. Hope the O-line can handle the challenge like they did with that LB from GB Matt Clay or something like that.
    Lovie has been able to have the Bears hang in on those close games so far (average margin of victory of 5 points), though systematically pushing the team’s luck and going for it instead of kicking the no-nonsense FG (non-nonsense to me, but i reckon i don’t know what football 101 says about that). I only hope it doesn’t backfire this time.
    And as Grabber said, Cutler has been “bailed out” on that last int against GB; hope that night vision thing of his is nothing serious.

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