Bernie Berrian comes back to town

Today the Chicago Tribune writes that Bears players aren’t upset with Bernard Berrian for leaving to take $42 million from the Vikings.

I personally can’t blame Berrian for going, I’d leave town for $420,000 or probably $42,000 myself.  But I predict, in writing, on the permanancy of the Internet, that the Vikings will live to regret this deal.  Sure, Berrian is coming off back-t0-back 100 yard games, and I hope the Bears with their depleted secondary and lack of pass rush can stop the trend.  But as I said with the Bears, it’s not smart to give over $40 million to a moderately good receiver with some history of injuries when you don’t have a solid quarterback to throw to him.

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  1. Did you hear him last week when on one of his catches he admitted running the wrong route? That’s what he does! He is the reason for a bunch of the interceptions last year. See you, bye! The Vikings beat the Lions 12-10! We should be ok. Right?!

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