Benson, While We’re at it…

Since we discussed Orton and my opinion on him, probably now a good time to discuss the new revisionist thinking on our friend Cedric Benson.

Benson was selected with the fourth overall pick in the 2005 draft-the Bears’ highest draft selection since 1979.  After crying on draft day because he felt the process was unfair to him, he held out almost all of the 2005 preseason, had two solid seasons, then pouted, stumbled around and was hurt in his first and only season as the #1 starter in 2007.  Then as we all know, following two alcohol-related arrests (charges were later dropped on both), the Bears released him.

Let’s not forget to mention that while here, Benson and his questionable motivation alienated his teammates, coaches and fans.

Now in Cincinnati, Benson leads the NFL in rushing after five games.  And just as there is a vocal minority that wants Kyle Orton back and Jay Cutler out of town, I hear calls to sports talk insisting how stupid the Bears were to have released Benson. How Jerry Angelo should have somehow known that Benson would figure it out and become a quality running back two years later.

Seriously?  There wasn’t a single reason for which I thought the Bears should have kept Benson.  I hated the pick in the first place, and although I hated to see the waste of the pick, I had no problems with the Bears launching him out of Chicago.  Now he likes to talk about how wrong the Bears were and he’s proven them wrong, but I’d like to see him keep this up for more than 5 games before he’s injured, alienates teammates or gets himself in trouble in Cincinnati.

No revisionist history here.  Knowing what we knew in mid-2008, I’d be glad for the Bears to have cut Benson again and again.

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  1. To follow on what I said yesterday, Benson came here as an aloof crybaby with a bad attitude and a lazy work ethic. Having gone to UT, Ricky Williams was one of his idols. Enough said there.

    While here, as Roy said, he alienated teammates, coaches and fans, and did not back up anything on the field. Sure, he had a couple decent moments, and that was about it. Angelo kicked Thomas Jones away to give Benson the chance to start and succeed, and he failed miserably. Turner and a weak Oline may have hindered him, but were not the only reasons he failed. He also made himself out to be the victim in his legal off the field incidents, and though he got off on them, I still think he was at fault in both incidents to some degree and was not targeted. Bottom line, a high profile athlete with any brains doesn’t put himself in those situations anyway, but that’s a story for another day.

    Whatever, I never like the pick, his personality, or lazy efforts. In my mind he’ll always be garbage, and am confident that at some point this season we will start to see the true Cedric emerge. He is not this good and won’t be able to keep it up.

  2. Thanks to the Bears, he is now a grownup. What he has become and the nice stats we look at now are the result of years of maturing. Too bad we don’t get any dividends for that. A few fumbles from him at our next meeting would compensate.

  3. Amen to that, Sven. Hopefully our defense can contain him, and a fumble or two would be great. I’m thinking Briggs, Wale and some of the other vets who know the “real” Cedric are gonna have a little extra pop when taking him down. That would be great to shut him down and walk away with a victory that day.

  4. As said previously, he is playing hard because he now has to. He no longer has that nice $17 million contract. He has to play for another one… Oh well, I moved on.

  5. Once again people with Attitude development problems, get with another team and redeem there attitudes, why? they have something to prove, CB has nothing to prove to the Bears, they didn’t ask him to come to chicago and go “fishing”, hes proving to himself now that hes capable of 25-30 touches a game. I am glad he’s getting to be an actual Football player.

  6. I would take the Bears playing against 100 jaded Cedric Benson’s just to have 1 Jay Cutler with just as much to prove.

    Forte is a football player, not a whiny little b*&^^
    They can keep Benson. I want football players on Da Bears not full grown children.
    Matt Forte will prove to be the better football player AND he has already proven to be the better teammate.

    GO BEARS!!!!

  7. Bitter much? As a Bengals fan it is interesting to see all the hating on Benson. Hate all you want, Benson has changed and is a team leader and as hard a worker as the Bengals have, demanding the same thing from his team mates. Don’t hold your breath for that fall from grace you’re waiting for. He may get injured, that I can’t predict, but I’d be shocked if any other issues come up. As Sven said, he has grown up! I agree that it sucks he learned his lessons at the Bears expense.

  8. islebfrank1: First off, this is a fan forum for Bears fans, not Bungles fans, so I don’t know why you bothered posting your Benson love comment here.

    Here’s the bottom line: Benson was, is and always will be a crybaby piece of garbage. The small sample you are seeing right now is a mirage and will not last long before something happens and the real Cedric emerges. You and all the Yahoo “experts” and national media latching onto this story can talk all you want about how he’s reborn, on a mission, etc.

    Benson’s life path shows that he is a problem, and problems follow him like a cape on Superman. He is not a leader of any kind, unless there is a club for biggest pieces of NFL garbage, and he would be the CEO of that club.

    Benson and his mommy made himself out to be the victim with the Bears, but the fact is that he created all of problems, both on the field and off of it, himself by acting like a spoiled child and never living up to expectations. Do I wish him well in Cincy? Absolutely not, and I don’t think many Bears fans do either.

    When an overpaid piece of garbage like Benson or any other athlete pulls the act he did, no one will be behind him, plain and simple.
    If you think Benson is going to keep up his pace, keep dreaming. I have no idea how the Ravens allowed him to do what he did last week, but it was a fluke, and he will start to fade soon.

  9. M’kay Nostradumbass. Since you know so much about the future, how about telling me tomorrow’s winning lotto number. Moron.

  10. I don’t think Grabber insulted you Frank. If you come to a Bears site, you’re going to find a lot of people that watched Benson act like a petulant fraud that made $17 million before failing his way out of town. I didn’t like the pick the moment the Bears made it either. We’re talking about a guy that cried on draft day because his agent told the Bears what his demand was going to be and the Bears told them it was unreasonable from the beginning, then he cried because it was unfair they picked him. He was injured in 2005, then took himself out of the biggest game of his life (the 2006 Super Bowl) with a questionable injury. He was a cancer in the Bears’ locker room and looked like he was sleepwalking through the 2007 season when he was proclaimed THE MAN. That is before he got hurt the third time. No one here knows what is going to happen-Grabber can’t predict the future. If Benson has erased his pathetic past and now he’s a future Hall of Famer, good for you. Seriously. But I will not say good for Benson. I don’t like him, never did, and I wouldn’t have him back for anything. I guarantee no one reading this site is one iota of bitter as you said we are. We don’t want him. But we all saw Benson’s act for 3 pathetic seasons and we think you’re going to see it play out again. Time will tell.

  11. Thanks Ron, I understand where you’re coming from. I’m sure I’d feel the same way about Benson if I had lived through what you guys describe. Having followed the Benson saga through the media, I remember some of the problems he went through with the Bears, but not to the extent the Bears fans did. For whatever reason, he has been nothing but a model player and teammate, and hopefully will continue to be, recognizing that he needed change and grow up from the way he started his career with the Bears. There have been players that have left the Bengals under similar circumstances, and I don’t want them to do well either. In some ways when a guy disappoints you, the last thing you want is for him to grow up somewhere else, when you team spent the 1st round pick on the guy.

    Good luck this season, except for week 7, lol.

  12. Yea, the Benson pick was another first round pick wasted like so many other fisrt round picks by Jerry Angelo & company. Lately though it looks like someone at Halas Hall figured out that they’re not too good at picking within the top two rounds of the draft, so Jerry & company seem content to use those for trades. I loved the idea of trading for Cutler, because we haven’t had a quality quarterback since the punky Q.B.

    However, the problem I have with that strategy is the competition gets better on our dime due to leadership’s incompetence! The Bears have had numerous opportunities in the top rounds to draft a starting quarterback and other impact players, but for whatever reason they cannot figure it out. Although Jerry & company perform well in the mid and later rounds, which baffles me.

    I liked the Benson pick and unfortunately for Bears fans like me the Bengals are going to benefit for at least the next few years due to Jerry & company’s ineptness at evaluating top talent. Enjoy Benson’s development and success in Bengal Land!!

  13. I was furious when the bears drafted benson. his act of crying on draft day didnt do him any favors in my mind. he was handed the job and they kicked thomas jones to the curb to make this d-bag the top dog. how did he thank them? by blaming everyone else and getting drunk! screw cedric benson. i hope the bears knock those ridiculous dreads off his head! remember how he cut em off so people would stop comparing him to ricky williams? what happened there? looks like you two have more in common than you thought cedric. good bye loser!

  14. Frank, glad to see we can agree to disagree. Next week will be interesting!

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