Beating by the Bay

The 32-7 beat-down the Bears took at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers last night was a loss counted on by many (including our resident commenter JDM). It was just one loss. Every season other than that of the 1972 Miami Dolphins has its disappointments. Could the Bears regain their bearings and come back strong and angry in the next critical game-this week’s division matchup with Minnesota? Sure they could, and I hope they do.

But the Bears had their ass kicked in every facet of the game last night, which is what is frightening to me for their chances this season. Their normally dependable, dominating defense was embarrassed on a national stage. I will say nothing of Jason Campbell’s performance, because no quarterback could have performed when given about 1.5 seconds to throw on every pass play. I had hopes that the offensive line would prove to be serviceable. But they’re not; they’re a collective joke. Every lineman but veteran center Roberto Garza was at fault.

I loved the selection of tackle Gabe Carimi in the first round last year. But after seeing Aldon Smith-a linebacker-push Carimi and propel him 7 yards onto his ass, I don’t know. Is Carimi still in actuality a rookie? Is his knee not totally healed? Or will he be another failed pick? Why can’t any player other than Brandon Marshall be targeted and consistently catch the football? Why does Devin Hester now run backwards on punt returns? Is the team’s 2012 offensive ineptitude solely the offensive line’s fault or would it still be pathetic even if the quarterback had time? Will the Bears win any game in which the defense doesn’t score points?

I have lots of questions, and need to end this piece with an important question for you-the readers. I want to look at the final six games of the season to gauge whether the team has any shot at making the playoffs, now that the Packers have been handed the division lead. The important question for you before I give my opinion is-do the Bears have any shot of beating Green Bay at home on December 16th? Please do let me know.

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  1. Here is how I see the rest of the schedule. They will beat Minnesota and Seattle at home. The Bears have the Vikings number at home. If the game was played at Seattle, I would count that as loss because of their outragous home field advantage. But, it’s here, and Russell Wilson has been brutal on the road. They will lose in the dome because, well, like SF, it’s not a great place to play. They will also beat ARZ because they stink and will be a home away from home game. The two wild cards are GB and DET. I certainly think the Bears have a chance against these two teams, but thjey can easily lost them, too. DET will be extra dangerous since they will be out of it. A home underdog and a divison game is quite dangerous (see the Bears against MIN in 2003, 2004, 2009 and vs Packers in 2007). Cutler’s performances against GB at home hasn’t been great, but it’s nothing like his performances at GB.

    Forget about last night’s game. That was a loss when the schedule was printed up. EVERY team in the NFL has such game. SF is a very good team. Yet, they got blown out at home by the Giants, and needed dumb plays by STL to salavage a tie at home.

    But, the Oline is indeed a problem. One has to wonder if Tice should go back to just coaching the line and Jeremy Bates should start calling the plays. I can’t say I’ve been too impressed with Tice’s play calling, but of course, the offensive execution could be better, too.

  2. Man, was I wrong about that one! What a complete implosion. Until Lovie and company can learn to make in game adjustments against opposing coaching staffs who are competent, this charade is over. I can’t believe that in the 9 years he’s been here he hasn’t figured out that his game plan isn’t always infallible. Is he that delusional or is it all ego? And Tice? Don’t even get me started.
    As for the rest of the schedule, at this point I see two more wins; Minnesota at home and Arizona on the road. After last nights crap-festival I’m having a hard time seeing them win any games against teams that are above mediocre. Someone please talk me away from the ledge!!!

  3. I am a die hard Bear Fan living in San Francisco Bay Area. Some thoughts I have after/during game with Niners. It is amazing what a change from Singletary to Harbaugh has meant to the Niners. I was so hoping for Harbough to get the Bears job last year. I like Lovie, but the team enthusiasm has the personality of the head coach.
    Cutler must be really good if none of the backup QBs in the last two years had any success with this O-Line. How many hits can even Cutler take. Campbell looked like he just wanted to go home after getting hit so many times last night. Cutler is a very good QB. The problem was placed on quality of receivers in the past; however, I’m starting to wonder why the Bears never drafted any O-line this season? I have to blame Lovie for not seeing this as a problem. Just like the Defense is based on a solid D-line, the offense is based on a solid O-line.
    It is amazing all the different looks the Niners had on offense. Harbaugh is creative that much is obvious. Where is the Bears creativity? I think if there was some creativity, the other teams defense is playing on their heals and then even our O-line would look good against a team playing on their heals.

    Go Bears!!!

  4. That was the worst game I’ve seen in a long time. Outplayed and outcoached.

  5. 2 Jan 2005 against Green Bay was pretty bad – I was there. But the season was already over by then, and we had Chad Hutchinson at QB.

    This Bears team is a lot better. We’ve lost two in a row, and we’ve learnt a few things about our team (for example, the problem with our offense is not the QB).

    At this point we are exactly where we were last season. Jay will be back next week and we’re well placed for a run at the playoffs.

    Every team has a bad game – ours was Monday. I’m looking for a much improved performance against the Vikes on Sunday.

  6. Whilst any loss is dissapointing, its the manner of the defeat to the 49ers which is tuly depressing. I guess we can forgive the defence one bad game but the offence and especially the line just never seems to get any better. Thats three games we have played against what you would call good sides and it’s three defeats.

    That said I still think the Bears CAN scrape into the playoffs and I also think we can beat Green Bay at home.

    The crucial game is this Sunday though. The Vikes will be smelling blood watching that on Monday night and the Bears will have to be ready. Any sort of win can see us kick on but should we get beat I think it will be a downward slope to a mid ranking draft pick….which in turn could be the end of Lovie.

  7. That was awful. The offense getting shut down was one thing–they’re not very good and the 49ers D is very good. But to see the defense get rolled…it was sad.

    I’m sure the D will bounce back. But I’m concerned about this offense. I don’t know that we can win with this O-Line. It’s so frustrating. It seems like we’re always one unit away on offense from being good. For years we had a good line and good RBs but no QB (or WR, but whatever). Now we’ve got a good QB, good RB, good WRs…but no line.

    Well, I won’t give up yet. Maybe Tice can work a miracle and get this line up to competent over the last 6 weeks. Let’s hope. Go Bears!

  8. If the Bears win this Sunday they can still make the playoffs. If they can’t beat the Vikings at home, the only other sure wins left on the schedule that I can see are the last two weeks at Arizona and Detroit (who are already finished for this season). That would put them at 9-7, not good enough for the playoffs in the NFC this year.

    I doubt Lovie would survive a collapse like that. His job may come down to the GB game. I think the Bears would have won the first one had they not been hit by that fake field goal. If Cutler and the line are in rhythm by then, there is hope.

  9. Thanks for everyone’s comments. Funny, as this team started 7-1, an extension for Lovie was an afterthought. But worst case scenario, what if the Bears miss the playoffs, or wow, what if the Bears finish 10-6 but don’t make the postseason because they lost to the Packers for the ninth time in the last 10 meetings? We have to admit that Lovie has produced success in Chicago as compared to his predecessors Dick Jauron and Dave Wannstedt. But what if the guy that walked into the city with his first priority as beating the Packers, and for the fifth year in a row can’t do so? We shall see.

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