Bears White Jerseys at Home

Getting excited for opening day…will be in the lot tailgating 12 hours from now.

As my final comment before the Bears hopefully get to 1-1, I just have to say again how disappointed I’ll be to see them wearing their white jerseys at home.? Apparently noone feels as strongly as I do about this, but I do feel strongly about it.

Actually, I’d like to see them wear navy-on-navy once a year (as they have in two night losses to the Packers at this point).? For that reason, I’m afraid we’ll never see that look again.? In 2003, on his radio show, former coach Dick Jauron was asked if we would see that look that season.? His response was something like “the McCaskey’s are very protective about the Bears uniform, and I don’t think you’ll see that again.”

So why break a 60+ year tradition and start wearing white at home?? Have the McCaskeys been asleep on this one?? Fine, as long as you give me navy-on-navy once in a great while, OK?

The Bears are not a fad team.? Other teams switch back and forth from wearing white at home, then dark at home, etc.? The Bears wear navy at home, dammit.? (Even though I’ll be seeing them in white tomorrow….?)

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  1. Gotta agree here – this was how I learned about the home team colors in my youth, the Bears wear Navy at home. It was an absolute, a constant, not up for debate and not subject to change.

  2. I totally agree; there are only a handful of teams that have kept the tradition of wearing dark at home no matter what. The Bears, the Raiders, the Steelers (since the 70s), and the Vikings are most of the teams that have done so. When the Bears did this two years ago against my hometown Lions, I was so confused; but the rationale from Lovie Smith was that they do this for the first home game because of the heat. Well, last Sunday was just nice; it was mild. There must be another reason. NFL teams (some of them) seem to believe that wearing white jerseys on hot days give that particular team an advantage. Well, I’ve seen the Steelers wearing their black jerseys in Houston on a hot day kick the Titans all over the field. It’s lame. The NFL needs a standard uniform policy regarding jersey colors for home and away teams. When NHL teams began to wear “alternative” jerseys at home (these alternative jerseys were dark), the league mandated that home teams were dark jersyes. The NFL needs to do this.

  3. Eric, Thanks for posting your opinion! Add, gulp, at least the Packers, and probably 49ers to the list of teams that have stayed true to their tradition of wearing dark at home.

    My opinion is I wouldn’t want the NFL to make a rule about it. Let the Eagles, Redskins, Jaguars, etc, etc, continue their fads of switching back and forth between white and dark at home. I even have some respect for the Cowboys because they consistently have worn white at home.

    But the Bears, it bothers me that they went faddish since 2005 of wearing white at home once in a while. This is a big disappointment to me.

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