Bears vs. Everyone, Including Us

I’ve been picking up on the theme the Bears players seem to be rallying around this season-the theme of “it’s us against the world, everyone, no one believes in us but us.”  And even though it seems that their loyal fans are included in what they feel are their enemies, I’m fine with it, if that’s what it takes to keep them winning.

If you’ll watch the video for which I posted a link yesterday, noticed in the pregame rally Jay Cutler says “all we [have is] each other-play for the guy next to you.”  I think this is great.  The last few years I wondered if some of these guys even cared about winning at all once they saw their big payday.

So honestly, the players can continue to hate me for being skeptical after three losing seasons combined with their boasts that the team was better than the results we saw on the field.  As long as they keep winning, if this helps motivate them, fine with me.  I just hope then that they ignore the fact that I’m starting to believe in them.

I predicted that practically every, if not every single, national prognosticator will predict a Packers victory because these same folks overwhelmingly have Green Bay already winning the Super Bowl.  It has started today.  Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times via the Chicago Tribune predicts that the Bears won’t even hang in with the Packers, predicting an 11 point Packer victory.  At Profootballtalk, Mike Florio calls the Packers a “juggernaut” and says the Bears “won’t be able to keep it together over the long haul.”  (Florio also thought the Bears had a good chance of losing 15 games this season).

Florio’s partner Gregg Rosenthal does predict a Bears victory, even though he still thinks Green Bay will play in the Super Bowl.

I think we’ll see a few local writers pick the Bears, but I imagine the entire ESPN crew has the Packers with a runaway victory.  UPDATE: I was wrong, 100% of the ESPN correspondents aren’t picking Green Bay, my apologies.  Only 9 of the 10 are picking the Packers.  How could I be so wrong?

Let the motivation continue, Bears players.

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  1. LOL
    Upadete and bad news for the Bears’ motivation: now, at the present time, it’s two and a half of the “experts” picking the bears!

    Go Bears!

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