Bears-Vikings: On the Line

I liked how Tom Waddle described tonight’s Bears-Vikings matchup on Fox’s Bears Kickoff Live yesterday morning.

“If I were have told you in August that going into tonight’s game, one of these teams would be 7-6, and one would be 5-8, you would have said “no way will the Bears only be 7-6 and no way will the Vikings be as good at 5-8.”

But the way reality has played out, the Bears have spiraled out of contention, and the Vikings have looked like a new force in the NFC over the last four weeks.

The Bears are actually playing for something tonight. Should the Bears lose, they will clinch their 5th losing season of the decade (as opposed to 3 winning seasons).

I went back over each of the 87 full Chicago Bears seasons from 1920-2006, and was actually surprised to find that they have 55 winning seasons to 33 non-winning seasons. (Actually that’s 88 so I screwed up somewhere. I’ll have to go back over it-it’s early).? But in the modern era (since 1970), the Bears have posted 14 winners to 23 losers.

I’m afraid it will be 24 after tonight.

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  1. I just hope Orton doesn’t get killed behind that overrated, overpaid, and old O.L. Ugh.

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