Bears Uninspired in Loss to Packers

I was searching for a word to describe how I felt about the season-ending loss to the Packers.  I saw it on the front page of the Tribune this morning-”Uninspired”.

To me, it was more like the Bears were simply uninspired when it came to their opportunities to score touchdowns.  The defense certainly didn’t play uninspired when they allowed just 10 points to the vaunted juggernaut that is the Packers offense.  (The same offense the “experts” predicted to win the Super Bowl in the preseason the previous two years.)

Why when the Bears have proven their winning formula since the bye week is to run the football, did they choose to pass 39 times and run only 20?  When the runs were working against a Packer defense ranked something like 20th against the rush?  The only thing I can think of is Mad Mike wanted our playoff opponent to see the Bears air it out 39 times.  But what’s the use of that when they already know the Bears will usually lose if they throw it 40 times?

Regardless, the Bears shut down a Packer offense that was on fire for the last two weeks and lost a close game to a very good team on the road.  Nothing to get worried about, but of course the Bears certainly have their work cut out for them in the playoffs.

By the way, now Green Bay thinks they’re going to the Super Bowl.  They must be very excited after putting up 10 points on Chicago’s defense.  Just saying-the Bears won the division and finished the year with more wins than Green Bay, and no one over here is predicting the Super Bowl.

10 Responses to “Bears Uninspired in Loss to Packers”

  1. I didnt understand the offensive play calling at all in this game. I do think GB loses to the Eagles though in the Wild Card and we dont hear about them again.

  2. I was at the game. I pretty much watched two very good defenses duke it out, but GB was slightly better. However, the game plan didn’t make sense, but whatever. What happened yesterday has no bearing on what’s going to happen in two weeks. On another note, the Bears held the so called unstoppable Packers offense to 17 and 10 points this season. They must be doing something right.

  3. The defense looked good, and I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good about our chances in the divisional round. We already beat the eagles at home, I think we would steamroll the seahawks this time, and I also like our chances against the saints (the most likely matchup) outside of the superdome.

  4. It was like the Bears held back. Forte was killing the Packers, and then they stopped using him for a while. Obviously not risking it with him, save #22 for the playoffs — good call — I think Forte is going to have an amazing postseason. Look out!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone, helping me cope with the loss. Hey JDM-did anyone stick a sticker on your back in Green Bay? I assume you know what I’m talking about, if not I can explain. And did you enjoy the chorus of the Bears still suck on the way out? Lovie started 3-0 in Green Bay but now he’s 0-3 in the last three years. That whole “Lovie beats the Packers” thing is losing its luster. Still better than Wanny and Dick though.

  6. Actually Roy, Lovie won his first four games at GB, but has lost the last three. He’s 8-6 overall against them. The thing with Lovie wasn’t so much the Packers. It’s his defenses always shut down Favre. I think as a DC in STL they beat him five times, and Favre is 3-9 against Lovie’s Bears. Aaron Rogers isn’t turnover prone like Favre is. We all know the defense thrives on turnovers.

    As for the chants, meh, whatever. My brother used to work for WPS Energy and was up there quite a bit. They all said that the Bears don’t mean much to them since Ditka left. It hasn’t helped that neither team has been good at the same time since I’ve been around. I’m 33, and this is only the third time both teams have made the playoffs in my entire life. But, I still get a kick on how everyone else is so much better than the Bears in the NFC. We all saw the Packers offense can be contained. Phily has lost their last two games, both against third string QBs. The Saints are a good team, but Brees has thrown over 20 ints this season and so on. It will be an interesting month.

  7. I don’t understand why you guy’s are so upset with hearing banter from Green Bay fans at Lambeau Field. You are always going to hear a “jack-ass” talking smack when you are the visitor. I’ve gone to the Metrodome twice and recieved horns blowing in my face and being told to get the —- out of our bathroom. I have even heard stories of Bears fans, doing the same thing as the Packer fans do, at Soldier field. Besides it’s human nature for a “jack-ass” to be a “jack-ass”, Every team has plenty of them. That being said I speak for the good natured Packer fans that carry a positive aura. If Packer fans say “Superbowl” what’s wrong with that? Would you agree that’s being optimistic? What do you think the main goal of the NFL season is? To get to the playoffs and predict losing right away.I think it’s better than the cryptic “Bears Uninspired in Loss to Packers” attitude. Clearly you lost, but if you want an inspired team be inspiring fans instead of negative nancies and start talking “Superbowl”. Give your team the props they deserve and spend less time dogging Packer fans that have nothing to do with the way your “uninspired team” played last week.

  8. Realist-I hope you can take what I’m going to say as it’s intended. I’m never going to engage in any wars of words with anyone on here. I am totally fine with good natured debate with anyone, no matter what team they follow. But you have to pay more close attention to what I have actually written versus what other people have written in comments and also not manufacture statements that have not come from me. Nowhere did I say I have ever been “upset” about Bear fans getting hazed at Lambeau. I simply told JDM to be ready for it and asked him how it was. I’ve been to Lambeau 3 times and aside from the 15 year old girl pushing her Grandmother in a wheelchair that told me to go **** myself when I didn’t so much as look at her, I’ve never had a problem. And certainly Bear fans in Chicago can be a-holes to opposing fans, I know that. Never said that wasn’t the case. I have never once on this site disparaged a Packer fan for being a fan of their team. I have friends that are Packer fans that I respect, and I respect the Packers franchise, this rivalry is what makes it fun to be a Bear or Packer fan. It’s good to see them both in the playoffs. I wrote a post “read it and weep” in response to the local and national media that put GB in the Super Bowl in ’09 and ’10 before the season started. Others have commented, flaming Packer fans, but I leave their comments on the site just as I leave yours that have called me a self-serving snake in the grass. (Incidentally, I can’t think of any blogger that invests his own time and money in blogging that isn’t self-serving, that’s the nature of the game). Also, I alluded to DONALD DRIVER telling the media that the Packers will be playing in the Super Bowl while the Bears watch. I would have no problem with a die-hard Packer fan hoping his team makes it. And Donald Driver may be right-the Bears may get smoked in their first playoff game while Green Bay wins out on the road, but at this point we don’t know. In summary, I don’t have any problem with you disagreeing with me and calling me out publicly, but you’re going to need to separate what I have actually written with your perception of what I have written.

  9. The Bears played a vanilla version of their offense so they can hold off the big guns til the playoffs. I guess each side has it’s excuses, we’ll see if either team will be around for the division championship game.
    One thing that worried me was Cutler’s overthrows. He did that a lot before the bye and then they corrected it and he’s been really good since then. Jay missed a few open receivers on bad throws, he needs to get them down. We’ll see!

  10. Ron, that blog wasn’t intended for you individually it was intended for all Bears fans as a whole.