Bears Thoughts 1/15/2013

Yesterday it was announced that the three finalists to be interviewed for Head Coach of the Chicago Bears are Bruce Arians, Darrell Bevell and Marc Trestman. To me Bevell is somewhat surprising, and the final list is also. I guess ESPN’s Adam Schefter isn’t always right-yesterday he said Rick Dennison of Houston was a strong possibility due to his links with Jay Cutler from Denver.

Also heard yesterday that two candidates told Schefter that they had never participated in an interview with a more organized interviewer than Phil Emery. So I can only hope that regardless of the choice, Emery is going to make the right choice.

Again, I can only hope that the dog and pony parade for Ted Phillips and George McCaskey (aka the second interview) will not cause the Bears to lose a candidate to another team that will act more decisively.

And from the “you think we have it bad” file, when you have a moment, take a stroll north and visit the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Packer page. This is hilarious. I and a friend usually independently visit this site after each devastating Packers loss. And again, it is nothing short of hilarious to read some of what is being said north of the border.

As recently as Saturday afternoon, most “experts” were picking the Packers to roll through the playoffs again with their “red hot hand.” After the 45-31 drubbing at San Francisco, Wisconsin fans and writers suddenly are calling for the head of defensive coordinator Dom Capers, and questioning GM Ted Thompson’s ability to draft. As quickly as Packer nation lauded these men, they are loathing them.

At least Bears fans make sense at who they are pissed at and when.

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  1. I’m not worried. Most of the Bears beat writers are saying the process should finish by the end of the week, which seems fine to me. The only guy I know of that the Bears interviewed who is gone now is McCoy (Denver OC), who went to San Diego…I’m not worried about losing our guy due to time.

    It seems like the buzz is that Trestman has the inside track for the job, which would be…interesting. Certainly seems like a break from tradition–an offensive guy who most recently has been a head coach in the CFL? But I like it. I’m intrigued, and I’m willing to give Emery the benefit of the doubt, regardless of which of the three finalists he picks.

  2. For all the Trestman backers, I heard an interview this morning with one of the beat writers in Montreal that knows him well. His description of Trestman’s coaching style included buzzwords like ‘definitely a players coach’, ‘quiet’ and ‘doesn’t like media’, among others that led to comparisons to Lovie, which the writer seemed to agree with. I think there was even a comparison to Jauron that was brought up.

    Everyone is giving this guy glowing reviews of his work with QBs as his main and only selling point, yet a picture is being painted of a reserved, quiet, non assertive style, basically a carbon copy of Lovie in a lot of ways. If you’re telling me a guy like that is capable of coming in here and giving Cutler a reality check, I definitely have a hard time believing that would work. Also, if Trestman is such a smart guy, why is no one else in the NFL clamoring to talk to him now, or in the recent past?

    Jeremy Bates ‘works with QBs’ too and has been working with Cutler on and off for years, and how is that working out?

    The longer this search drags on, the more it looks like Emery is out in the weeds.

  3. Surprise Surprise…. not happy about the new Bears coach. I never saw that one coming. Maybe we should at least give him a chance? Or should we start calling for him to be fired now??

  4. Geoff, I think most of us are excited about change and are thinking the best. I’m on the bandwagon.

  5. Me too Roy. Excited to see the Bears again next year.

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