Bears-Steelers 2013: 3 Up 3 Down

1. The Bears almost unraveled at Pittsburgh, building a 24-3 lead then regressing to a score of 27-24. In my opinion, the key to the victory was the fact the Bears opened aggressively and built the 17-0 lead. We are at the beginning of a long road, early in the 2013 Chicago Bears season, so major adversity will undoubtedly be faced. But as of now, looking at the 3-0 record, I am ecstatic to see this team with its first real offense and the ability to score points when needed that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

2. We’ve all heard of the complexity of Steeler defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau‘s unit, and I finally have appreciation for that after watching the game. Obviously the Bears’ offensive coaches did a fantastic job of scheming properly, and the Bears offensive players executed.

3. Watched an interview with Bears quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh early on Sunday morning. I have to admit that I had a distaste for Cavanaugh when I heard he was joining the Bears staff again in 2013. Nothing personal, but everyone that was associated with the Dave Wannstedt era made me ill (Cavanaugh was the Bears’ offensive coordinator under Wannstedt in 1997 and 1998-two 4-12 seasons). However, after watching him and the progress Jay Cutler seems to have made, I like this guy.

1. At this point I do have complete faith in Bears’ head coach Marc Trestman. Trestman explained away his team frittering away their 24-3 lead, saying that in the NFL with a team that is still talented like Pittsburgh, good teams will not sit there and allow that lead to be built. It was very unsettling to see the lead go away, but in the end, the Bears did win.

2. Obviously, the Bears’ pass rush is still a concern after three weeks. At this point, the defensive line has two sacks and the linebackers have three. The Bears blitzed heavily in Pittsburgh, and the heavy rush contributed to the Steelers’ five turnovers. But also many times the rush did not get there, and each time I held my breath as Ben Roethlisberger time and time again found receivers open for huge gains. The blitz worked last Sunday, in the end. But this isn’t going to work consistently through the season. Not to even mention the loss for the season of Pro Bowl defensive tackle Henry Melton. Ouch.

3. The Bears have defeated two 0-3 teams in very precarious fashion. Now they head to Detroit, where I’m not usually nervous, but I am a bit this year. The Lions don’t look quite as weak as they always do. Just another test for Trestman’s players. I’m glad he’s at the helm.

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  1. Remember, those teams are 0-3 and the Bears beat them twice. Maybe they’re 1-2 if they don’t play the Bears. It’s the optimistic side of looking at opposing teams’ records.

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