Bears Raise Ticket Prices

The last time the Bears raised ticket prices after an unsuccessful season, when I voiced a little frustration, I got bashed with the implication that season ticket holders should feel honored to have them no matter how expensive they are.  So I’ll just start with one comment I received about it:

The fact the Bears raised ticket prices yet again during this clown car search of an offseason is ludicrous, but I know you guys have no choice but to suck it up and renew or flat out cancel. Now they’re getting close to $100 a ticket/game in an offseason leading into a year with a lame duck idiot of a HC, a clueless GM, and a front office run by people that show no regard for their fan base.

That pretty much sums it up.

I do realize that I’m lucky to have season tickets, and I know it’s my choice to pay what they’re asking or leave.  But I’ll say it again.  This is a tough economic climate.  I thank God that I do have a job, but many companies this year will be giving no salary increases, not even a cost of living increase.  Yet the Bears are raising the cost of my tickets 12%.  The way it’s going, next year they’ll get another 10, then 10 the year after, and I have to think at some point me of modest means will indeed be priced out.

I used to be proud to say I had the cheapest seats in the house at $68.  That’s no longer true.  Mine have been raised to $76 per seat while others are remaining at $68.

Bears CEO Ted Phillips often cites the fact that the Bears have to remain in the top 10 in ticket costs because they built the smallest stadium in the NFL in 2003.  Excuse me, but did I have anything to do with them choosing to build the NFL’s smallest stadium with a ton of premium skyboxes from which the Bears earn top dollar?

I’ll shut up now, because there’s nothing I can do about it.

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  1. The Bears enjoy the 3rd largest city in the US. (NY has 2 teams, and LA has 0 teams.)

    You’d think they’d have a large stadium.

  2. I dread the days that the McCrackskeys try to strong-arm the city for a new stadium. The “Mistake On The Lake’ won’t last much longer.

  3. In all due time the only people attending games will be those who earn 6 figures or more and the “real” fans will all be watching in bars or at homes. And frankly one day, there wont be enough of those people. And one day these sport teams will realize they cant gouge their fans as it will hurt them in the end. I dont know how long that will take.

    The excuse that a bigger stadium would lower costs is also bs, I bet you they would still raise prices year after year and they would still be the same exact price they are now even if they had 10,000 more seats.

  4. Kind of like when the Cubs go to the playoffs. I went to thirteen games two seasons ago, driving 5+ hours each way to wait to run through the gates to get a front row seat in the bleachers, but when playoff time came, it was just way too expensive, because rich f***s that hadn’t been to a game all season drove prices up. What really sucks is that when you go online when tickets go on sale for the Bears at the beginning of the season, scalpers get there first then you have to go through StubHub, or some other bullsh** third-party provider. Every Bears game I have been to, I have paid more than 2x face value.

  5. its b.s we should protest sell the team. we went ditka to but it bears he true chicago bear.

  6. What. I didn’t make that a question because I don’t know what to do after that comment. How drunk were you when you wrote that?

  7. lol send the bears to Bakeersfield!!!! I hope they get talanted FA if there going to raises Ticker prices.

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