Bears Offensive Line Woes

Can anyone make the argument that the entire Bears offensive line doesn’t need to be replaced before this team has any chance of winning?

It’s quite obvious after Sunday’s debacle that no matter which way you slice it, there are major problems on the line.  It would be one thing if they only allowed 10 sacks, but when you figure in they also flat out can’t run the ball, this is serious.

We all know that Olin Kreutz’ contract is up following 2010 and his play has been questionable for several years.  What about the guard positions?  Roberto Garza is obviously less than dominating, and was even pulled at a point Sunday night.  Lance Louis is a work in progress.  Will Chris Williams pan out at all?  Will we ever see him at LT enough to know?  J’Marcus Webb looks like he could potentially be a steal in the long run, but I think I’m getting close to being able to say the Frank Omiyale experiment has failed.

Great teams have great offensive lines.  Very good teams at least have solid lines that can’t be totally exposed, as the Bears did in 2006.  Teams that cannot run the ball at all do not go to the Super Bowl.

I just don’t see how the 2010 Chicago Bears offensive line is not the team’s achilles’ heel.


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  1. The last two losers in the Super Bowl..were dead last in rushing. They could get to the Super Bowl, obviously, they didnt win.

    However, the Colts and Cardinals had decent offensive lines. The Colts have a good line for pass protection. The Bears dont have a good line for either this season and the line has only continuously gone downhill since the 2006 season. In 2007 we saw an aging line lose its “goodness”. 2008, we began a revamp of the line that looked god awful in preseason, but held up okay during the regular season. Besides a few good blocks here and there, there was no run blocking in 2008, but pass protection was good. In 2009 we saw the line get worse as there still was no run blocking, but pass protection got alot worse. Now in 2010 we have no run blocking or pass protection. This is about the lowest the offensive line can get. Of course it will stay here until Jerry Angelo is no longer Bears GM.

  2. I don’t know, it just hurts too bad to talk about the Bears right now, I’m hoping this was a one-time deal and they can figure something out so it doesn’t happen again. I’m going to give it another week to see where everything is after the Carolina game.

  3. Logan Mankins is still out there sitting on his couch. Do we make NE an offer they can’t refuse? Plugging in just one proven, pro bowl lineman would do wonders for the whole line. Would they take Hester for Mankins straight up?

    If 0-4 Carolina slaughters the line like the Giants front seven did, we are screwed.

  4. The line is our weak link on both sides of the ball. We have one good lineman on defense (Peppers) and zero good linemen on offense. I feel bad for every quarterback and running back on the roster, and anyone else that may have to stand behind that sorry excuse for a line. You could clearly see how frustrated Forte was when he could not even make it to the line of scrimmage – he was being met in the backfield every time he touched the GD ball.

  5. You’re right on, Harry. Successful teams, including those of Jim Finks who never was unsuccessful, build the lines first and add everything else around them. I think I’m just emphasizing what I said…the Bears are never going to be a threat with bad lines. They may have some mirage games like Dallas and Green Bay, but it’s very hard to get to the Super Bowl with a mirage team.

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