Bears Lose to Seattle in Disappointing Fashion

No one predicted the Bears would upset the Cowboys or Packers.  Conversely, noone predicted Seattle had a chance today.  I’m not sure if it was the Bears taking Seattle lightly, but the Seahawks upset the Bears 23-20.

Chicago’s defense kept the Bears in the game.  The special teams almost won the game with a stirring 89-yard punt return touchdown by Devin Hester that tied the NFL’s all-time mark for return touchdowns.  But after the opening drive, the offense was putrid.

The Bears’ offensive line was terrible, awful.  But it was also clear that Jay Cutler was off target on many throws.  Rattled, frustrated, ineffective.

There is no reason to jump ship at this point, but good teams win the games they’re supposed to win.  The Bears didn’t do it today.  They won’t make the playoffs if they play like this on offense again.

More thoughts on the offense later in the week.  For now just disappointment while I hope to see the hated Cowboys knock off the more hated Vikings.

3 Responses to “Bears Lose to Seattle in Disappointing Fashion”

  1. Vikings beat the Cowboys…but atleast the Packers lost.

  2. GREG RICHARDSON on October 17th, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    what i see is an offesive line thats truly offensive questionable coaching decisions and a team that lacks carachter the whole game against seattle i didnt see one play for the tight ends is this by design by an offensive genius or just more of the same old bear offense with no imagination i watch the rest of the nfl using tight ends effectivly b ut it seems that the bears avoid there star tight end where is greg olsen and when will the bears learn that to have a good offese ya have to utilize your tfight en ds for mor than blocking speaking of that how m any 3rd and longs did they give up a first down tiered of seeing no pressure from the defense urlacher plays like the overrated linbacker he is how many times was his name even m entioned for making a play dont remember the last game h has made a difference almost time to shake thinmgs up and start with the very top that cant seem to be able to evaluate talent at allandv lets get rid of the stoic lovie smith why is he still here anyway whats he done the team he took over was dick jurons team not his so ya cant credit him for that how can he be able to keep his job hes not even a good defensive mind as ive seen nothing b ut teams runing up and down the feild on his ingenius defense

  3. we going 2 cloipize like 1995 season if you rember iwas 3 years old. ps lovie is next wanny oh no vikings won no.

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