Bears History: “We’re Still in First Place”

Earlier in the week it was Lovie Smith that tried to temper frustrations about the Bears’ blowout loss to arch rival Green Bay.  And after sounding all season like I’m PO’ed about everything Bears, now it’s my turn to take Smith’s stance.

The Bears are still in first place, he’s right.  A very tenuous first place in a terrible division, so it doesn’t mean much.  But for this fan who thought they’d finish 7-9 and be far worse by now, I do actually have to enjoy this fact for just a moment.

Despite the fact that if the Bears’ defense doesn’t turn things around, the Bears may very well finish 6-10 this year.

The 2006 game in St. Louis was amazing for the Bears and for my crew, when Devin Hester returned two kicks for touchdowns and my crew somehow made its way to the field after the game.  (Not trying to sound like I think I’m a stud.  I’m not.  “My crew” was me and a friend.)  We’ll be returning to the scene this weekend and will hope for a bit of that same magic.  There should not be any reason to fear a loss in this one, but one never knows with the 2008 Chicago Bears, does one?

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  1. Who’s this Hester guy I keep hearing about? Has he been on the field at all this year? Hopefully he’ll make an appearance this Sunday!

  2. Your pic from the 06 game is on front page!!!

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