Bears Getting a Bit More Respect

Up at 3:30 a.m. for my commute.  Sat with my oatmeal and turned on yesterday’s NFL Network news show for a few minutes.  As strange luck would have it, the moment I turned on the TV Mike Mayock was talking about the Chicago Bears.  One week ago, the experts roundly predicted that the Bears were generally a 7-9 football team.  Mayock’s report on this show was how impressed he was with the Bears’ offensive line, and how it’s only going to get better under Mike Tice.  That was refreshing to hear.

Then the conversation was kicked over to Brian Billick and someone else, who quickly dismissed the Bears from being able to compete with the Packers.  Fair enough-the Packers deserve that recognition being the defending champs.  But the Bears have the opportunity to take that away from Green Bay, and I hope they do.

They’re certainly not getting respect from the odds makers, who have the Saints as seven point favorites this week.

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  1. Too bad Billick failed to mention that the Bears defense actually plays the Packers offense about as good as anyone has in the league. The Packers DEFENSE is the reason of their last four wins vs the Bears, not the other way around. I don’t want the Bears to get props. They play better when they don’t get them, and it’s more fun to watch them win when they don’t get praised.

  2. Any Bear fan knows that, even if we went undefeated this year and won the SuperBowl, NFL analysts still wouldn’t give the team any respect.

  3. it’s amazing to me how all I hear on the national sports talk shows is Tony Romo and the Cowboys and how they choked. They act like he hasn’t done this a million times before and that Dallas making a deep playoff run is a no-brainer! Who gives a rat’s rear end about Tony Romo? GO BEARS!!! Let’s kick Drew Brees and the Saints buns again!

  4. You know what I’m not hearing is that the falcons lacked to score one offensive TD on the bears defense. The Chicago Bears defense shutdown one of the best short yardage passers of last season and kept a top 10 RB Turner to minimal gains and killed the run game in the red-zone.Now to the offense the falcons blitz Cutler 50% of the time roughly and Jay still scored 2 TDs got 300+ yards of passing.If I were Olin and Drew I would be real worried because what we do with our front four other teams have to bring the whole house. On top of that the saints will make the mistake of over blitzing and more often than not you will see the check down to forte for huge chunks of yardage.

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