Bears Free Agency 2013: Relax

I see a lot of people out there already talking about what kind of big splash the Chicago Bears will make when free agency opens at 2 p.m. I could very well be wrong, as I am most of the time, but I don’t expect any “splashes.” And this may not be a bad thing.

Sure, I’d love it if the Bears find a way to sign a left tackle, guard or tight end. But really, how can they? With just over $3 million in cap space and at least Brian Urlacher, Lance Louis and Kelvin Hayden to try to re-sign, I don’t see it happening.

How could this not be a bad thing? It is roundly agreed that since true free agency started in the NFL in 1993, the teams that make huge-money investments don’t usually see a great return. Examples I made recently in Bears history were Bryan Cox, Alonzo Spellman, Phillip Daniels, Tom Carter, Thomas Smith. Sure, there are signings like Reggie White that propelled the Packers to a Super Bowl, and Julius Peppers who has made a couple of Pro Bowls with the Bears. But for every White, there are multiple examples like Alvin Harper, Andre Rison or Javon Kearse.

Read no further than today’s report that the Minnesota Vikings may be ready to throw $13 million per season at WR Mike Wallace. I see bust written all over that, and I’m fine with a division rival making that mistake.

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