Bears Follies Talk of NFL

In 2003, I did want to see Dick Jauron and his staff fired.  However, it was also my opinion that if Jerry Angelo didn’t already know who the right person to replace Jauron was–the person that would be better than Jauron thus the reason for terminating Jauron, then he might as well not do it.

Angelo fired Jauron, then embarked on a trip rivaling the Bears’ 1925 Barnstorming Tour, offering the position to Nick Saban, Jeff Tedford and Kirk Ferentz, all of whom said “no thanks, Jerry.”  He then got two candidates to interview, Lovie Smith and Russ Grimm, hiring Smith.

Could we have hoped that Angelo and the staff of a professional football franchise valued at a billion dollars would learn from that folly?  Flash forward to 2009.  I hoped for some sort of shakeup (actually hoped for both Angelo and Smith to be launched) but short of that, some change.  And what we got was the firing of Ron Turner and any assistant associated with him, even though Lovie Smith’s defense is more responsible for the team’s flat record since Super Bowl 41.

Too much to ask that Smith and Angelo would actually have a thought as to whom was out there to replace Turner before firing he and his staff?  Yes, as now the count is four potential candidates, none of them spectacular names, that have said “no thanks” to Smith and Angelo.  Next up is another unspectacular candidate, Minnesota quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers.  Exciting!

As Dan Bernstein of WSCR said last night, currently the most qualified candidate to replace Ron Turner is….Ron Turner.  And that’s no joke.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears’ situation has become “fodder for discussion” at the annual gathering of NFL personnel in Mobile, AL for the Senior Bowl.  The article also quotes an NFL coach as stating he has never heard of a quarterback interviewing candidates as the Bears are allowing Cutler to do.

The years may be flying by fast, but it seems the situation of incompetence in Lake Forest never changes.

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  1. Roy, well said. I don’t have much to add to this, you’ve pretty much summarized what’s been going on with this revolving clown car ride of a “search.” I honestly don’t have the energy to put too much more thought into what a true joke and dysfunctional embarrassment the Bears have become in the days leading up to that laughable press conference with mixed messages and conflicted statements at every turn.

    But it’s clear the Bears have no clue how to do anything right, but this is not breaking news. As I’ve stated repeatedly, that starts at the top with the McClowns, to Teddy, to Angelo, and Lovie. The way they communicate publicly resembles a case study in everything not to do. Let’s face it – no one wants to come here because Lovie will be launched next year and Angelo soon after. There is no semblance of any continuity, despite what Sweaty Teddy thinks. The roster is a mess. They have no plan of any kind worthy of consideration by any legitimate OC or DC candidates. There is no way this team makes the playoffs next year, but as always, Bears fans will have to suffer through another year of ineptitude as an NFL bottom feeder. If it weren’t for the Cubs, the Bears would be biggest joke of an organization in this city, and that’s saying a lot.

  2. First mistake, this organization put all their money on Cutler, rolled the dice and crapped out. Injuries, poor QB, defensive & O-line play and failure to keep turnovers and penalties down contributed in blowing last season all to hell. We as fans read too much into the Cutler acquisition and as a result the front office was left scrambling to point the finger and lay the blame on somebody. That somebody happened to be Ron Turner. Second mistake.
    Lovie Smith and Bob Babich turned in the most dismal performances from a coaching standpoint this season and both these guys are still steering the ship? Third mistake. The real joke is not that we can’t find any new hires, but rather that the Bears didn’t fire the people responsible for this fiasco in the first place. I have complained about too much Lovie bashing in the past but what I’m saying is that the Bears should either have fired the HC or make do with the staff they had in place. Too late, this was their 4th mistake. This is a prime example of trying to have your cake and eat it. This cake tastes like excrement and it seems the Bears can’t find any new hires that want a slice.

  3. Good points, Butkus. If the Bears had the brains to do it right, regardless of the wasted money involved or impending lockout, they should have cleaned house and gotten rid of Angelo and Lovie and his staff, as well as Teddy, immediately following this disaster of a season. Lovie took on all defensive responsibilities this year with Babich as his errand boy, and he/they failed miserably, again. Yet they are not being held accountable for that.

    Any competent team in this league should have a short list of candidates they could turn to when they need to fill any position, including GM, HC and coord. positions. They should have gotten rid of everybody, turned to a list of potential GM candidates, and acted quickly, at the same time reaching out to Cowher immediately. Of course none of that happened, because the Bears have done what they always do – buried their heads in the sand and ignore the incompetence. This whole DC/OC “search” also proves they can’t even compile a list of those kinds of candidates right. Turner clearly didn’t know what he was doing anyway and was easily made into a scapegoat, but on the other side of the ball, what is Babich’s role? What value does he bring? What value does Lovie bring? The answer to all of the above is nothing, so we are probably looking at 5 wins next year.

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