Bears Favored by 9 Over Rams

I really can’t think of anything to write in the limited time I have today.  I mean, how many times or in how many different ways can one say the 2009 Chicago Bears suck, and their general manager and his staff have dug them a personnel hole from which it will take the team years to recover.  Seriously.

And I know it’s bad when our loyal follower Higgins says it’s bad.  I admire the fact that he usually stays as positive as he can, but I see his comment from yesterday and agree wholeheartedly with it.  That’s my opinion also-until the Bears tear apart both lines and rebuild them, this team will fail.  The bedrock of former GM Jim Finks’ philosophy in football was that you start from both lines and go from there, and he built two solid winning organizations for years in Chicago and New Orleans.  This BS draft philosophy of Jerry Angelo’s was bound to wind up this way, taking projects and boom or bust guys early on for years, ignoring the lines consistently.

More, much more on that later when there is time to dissect the draft woes in detail.

But the Bears are actually favored by 9 over the Rams.  Yes, it’s the Rams, but it’s a shame that it’s so surprising to see the Bears actually favored over anyone, isn’t it?

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  1. Jerry Angelo constantly talks about how their are “always evaluating available talent” and “looking for the best guys to give the team the best chance to win” but someone needs to punch him in the side of the head and inform him that he is the WORST JUDGE OF TALENT SINCE TERRY SHEA. The only thing I heard from analysts for the entire offseason after we got Cutler was how we needed a veteran receiver…someone to tutor the young guys and teach them the “on-the-job” training that a coach cannot…especially a coach (Darryl Drake) that’s played a combined 2 years in the NFL with 2 different teams and a 4-year stretch between teams. Angelo kept saying that they are “comfortable with the roster they have.” I’d be comfortable too if I got paid whether the team wins or not. Someday this front office is going to have to wake up and realize that the fans may not be football executives, but we do know a little something about football. Heck, some of us even consider ourselves students of the game. The day the name on the ownership card for the Chicago Bears changed from “Halas” to “McCaskey” was a dark day for the organization. I’m dreading the day that the McCaskeys decide Soldier Field isn’t shiny and new anymore and want to move the team to Gary again. Is it wrong to pray for a family plane crash to solve these woes?

  2. Nothing surprises me with this team any more. You’re right, it starts with the lines. I don’t know if Angelo has ignored the lines in the draft, but he’s definiltey missed more than hit. I can’t believe I’ll still be excited to see the Bears play Sunday

    Oh and acidedge76: Yes it’s very wrong to pray for death, douchebag. I know you’re joking, but these are people’s moms, dads, grandmas, etc.

  3. Angelo hasn’t ignored the defensive line in the draft. Since he took over in 2001 (I think? Did he do the draft that year?), the Bears have spent a 3rd or higher on a Defensive Lineman every year except 2002 (when they got Alex Brown in the 4th) and 2005.

    The problem has been return on those picks. The guys he drafted were: Michael Haynes, Tommie Harris, Tank Johnson, Dusty Dvoracek, Dan Bazuin, Marcus Harrison, and Jarron Gilbert. Tommie Harris has mostly worked out, but 3 of those guys never made significant contributions to this team or any other, 1 of them had to be cut for personality reasons, and the remaining 2 have yet to show anything special (though there’s still time). That’s a lot of investment for nothing.

    On the flip side, the O Line has been ignored. The similar list of picks for the O Line in that time is Marc Colombo, Terrence Metcalf, and Chris Williams. And now our running game can’t open holes or protect our QB. Shocking!

  4. Let’s take a short look back starting with 2005, the year before the superbowl to find out why our lines need fixing. We can start in 2004, but that year we hit the draft jackpot as we took Tommie Harris and Tank Johnson in the first two rounds, and Nathan Vasher and Bernard Berrian in later rounds, which might be directly related to how we got to the superbowl.
    In 2005, we drafted zero lineman. That’s not a typo, it’s a zero, and a combined zero. Offensive, zero. Defensive, zero. I guess they figured we were set in those areas. From 2006 to 2009, out of 13 lineman picks and out of 41 total picks, we drafted 2 lineman (Dan Bazuin and Chris Williams) in the top two rounds, and 4 (none of which remain with the team) in the seventh round alone.
    We need to reevaluate how we evaluate lineman, both defensively and offensively and start making this a priority in our draft gameplan instead of leaving it until the very end when all the talent has been picked over.

  5. Lets face it, we probably have two wins left in the season, the Rams,and the Lions. IF we win sunday, I dont think I could even bear to watch Lovie’s post game.. Everything is NOT ok.. The O line sucks, the D line sucks, the secondary sucks.. the drafting sucks.. How much of this is the scouting staff vs. Angelo or both? . Urlacher vs Cutler.. stupid, this team is desintigrating before our eyes!

  6. Fire Lovie, Fire Angelo, Fire Phillips, Fire Hamilton.. Save Cutler!! before he’s mentally broken! PLEASE! and if Urlacher doesnt like him for a 2nd round pick..

  7. Lets look at it this way:
    Angelo has been a terrible drafter since 2005.
    In 2004, he hit the jackpot with FA signings for O-Linemen in John Tait and Ruben Brown. As a result he felt that it was not necessary to bring in any young pups to mentor behind those two.
    In the 2005 draft, he picked a running back that was not needed (Benson), a Wide Receiver who didnt pan out here (But in my opinion could still do good things), a QB in Orton, who well led us to Jay Cutler now, a waste of a pick in another WR in Airese Currie, a DB in Chris Harris who was traded away after the Super Bowl, and then Rod Wilson, who never amounted to anything.
    In 2006 draft, Angelo took an very athletic player in Danieal Manning adding even more players to the secondary that at the time didnt really need it. Devin Hester, and well…I’m ok with that pick. Dusty Dvoracek who has been nothing but an injury. Jamar Williams who was picked as a potential replacement for Lance Briggs…Clearly is not. Mark Anderson, one year wonder. and then JD Runnels, and Tyler Reed, a 7th round pick, who was a guard.
    In 2007 draft, Angelo addresses the TE issue fans have been having in taking Olsen, then wastes the next two picks on Dan Bazuin and Garrett Wolfe. The Garrett Wolfe pick frankly has always made me question Angelo. It was like he was still drunk from winning the NFC Championship and decided a guy who could have been had in the 6th round needed to be drafted in the 3rd. Michael Okwo was another failure at LB, also not needed, Beekman, a O-Lineman taken, is probably the second best out of that draft behind Olsen, take in the 5th, and then more defensive backs taken in Payne and Graham, who are decent players but nothing special.
    In 2008, we have our so far failed lineman in Chris Williams, a running back who is having a sophomore slump combined with a terrible offensive line in Matt Forte, a decent WR in Bennett, a defensive tackle bust in Marcus Harrison, a too slow of a safety in Seltz, an ineffective cornerback in Zackary Bowman, a good TE in Kellen Davis, but buried in the depth charts, and then Angelo had several 7th round picks that season.
    And well we already know about the 2009 draft and how the first 3 picks of that draft havent even played yet. Knox has come on strong, and Afalava is starting, but there isnt much special about Afalava in my opinion.
    My conclusion is that it really comes down to that Cedric Benson pick. If Angelo doesnt make that pick and we stick with Thomas Jones to this day, we can use that #4 pick on something else, possibly an O-Linemen, down the road we dont have to draft Forte (though I do like Forte) and several of these picks arent made that had to be made just because of Cedric Benson.

  8. I have been a Bears fan since I was 19, 49ers before that, and it has been a bad year, and a lot of mistakes have been made, we can’t have a perfect year I mean for christ sakes look at the vikings farve is work them, hell has truely gotten colder. I can’t believe some of the games I watch Bears players faces and comments and they too know this has got to be one of the worst years. Lets get rid of Lovey, I mean come one with some of the calls and challenges he has made, is he trying to make it look like he’s paying attention? Is there bong water on that side line we aren’t seeing. I would take Jay Cutler over Orton any day and I agree no O line, No D line The coaching staff needs to be fired and forgotten and rebuild this team fast. For god sakes somebody buy jay a beer !

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