Bears Fans 2010 Epilogue

Got home from the game tonight to see my 72 year old father, with whom I started going to Bears games in 1979 and celebrated a great 1985 championship, decked out in his Ditka sweater and Bears bucket hat just like back in the day.  “Probably the last time you’ll ever see me wear this hat,” he said, kinda sadly.  He flew off the Bears bandwagon for a lot of years after the Ditka firing, but this year he came back, for me, I know.

Would’ve been nice to celebrate one more championship with him.  But this won’t take anything away from any blessings I have in my life, it was a football game.  Would it have made me a little happier for a while had the Bears won the Super Bowl?  Sure, and it would have been nice for my Dad and I (and the rest of us) to be able to enjoy that. But I’m thankful that I have the perspective that this is football, not my entire life.

I wish the best to all the good Packer fan friends I have, to enjoy the game.  They earned their trip to the Super Bowl.  I’ve ranted a bit this year about the media putting Green Bay in the Super Bowl two years running since August 2009.  Enjoy the vindication.  They made it happen and I won’t take anything away from that.

To all the great Bears fans that have stopped by here all year-I thank you and have enjoyed interacting with all of you.  I’ll be back at some point.

I’m leaving the comments open for now.  Any fans on either side that want to post any intelligent, insightful comments, please do.  But I won’t leave any lowest-common-denominator insults from either side.  I think I’ve been classy about all of this up to now and am asking for the same from the other side.

What a great rivalry and historic game.  Unfortunately my team didn’t make it happen for me.  But at some point the winter will give way to summer, and I’ll be sitting on my deck with a tiki drink enjoying my blessings.  Same as I would have if the Bears were Super Bowl Champions.

So I’m OK with that.

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  1. Well said, and with great perspective. It would have been nice to make it the Dance, but making it this far was more than I would have predicted.

    Thanks for giving us a place read, talk and live Bears football. I can only imagine I will be far more productive at work these next 2 weeks than if the Bears had made it. Cheers.

  2. I agree with Jeff. Despite the outcome, the season was far more exciting than any of us would’ve imagined. And I think that is the real essence of it. The day to day, week to week unpredictability aspect is where the fun of it lies.

  3. Cutler u suck u gave up on us. I hope u get traded u have no heart

  4. Nice article. At least Caleb Hanie gave us something to hope for today and the future.

  5. As a Packer fan I decided to scour the web this morning looking for Bears fans to see what THEY had to say about such a heartbreaking loss. This is the very first website (or blog) I found and I have to say I was sad as soon as I started reading it! Why do you have to ruin this moment for me! lol
    You are an exceptional sport about it and for that I commend you. I must admit, even better than I would have been about it.
    I’d wish you luck next year but since I can’t, I’ll just say mabye some day soon your Dads and yours dreams will come true.

  6. If you would have told me before the game that we would go through all 3 quarterbacks and throw a pick six to GB, I would have guessed a 20+ point GB win. The Bears fought hard and made it interesting all the way to the end. Kudos to the defense for playing well enough to win. oh what could have been if Urlacher had been able to take that pick all the way…this just wasn’t our day.

  7. Congrats to the Packers, the better team won yesterday. I can’t believe the lack of offense in the first half…SO glad they gave Hanie a chance to shine after that old fart Collins showed why no other NFL team wants him. It will be interesting to see what happens next year assuming there is an NFL season in 2011 (please please please). Thanks for the great times this year Chicago Bears, and fans. See you guys next season!

  8. Although we lost, it was a hard fought game and one I was on the edge of my seat for until the last few seconds. I commend the Bears for getting as far as they did. Frankly, they played like junk the first half of the season and clawed back to come within a game of the Super Bowl. The better team won yesterday. Aaron Rodgers is a good QB in part because he was mentored for so many years by one of the greats, Brett Favre. I don’t see Cutler as having that in him to make a third stringer Caleb Hanie better. To see Cutler sitting on the sidelines right next to Hanie when the Bears still had a chance … just sitting there as Hanie looked at photos makes me furious. You don’t have to make nice with the media or even the fans if you are inherently a jerk, but you SHOULD make an effort to show some fight and lead your team. Whether he’s the starter next year or not remains to be seen but with that attitude and lack of leadership quality, I hope not.
    Shout out to my brother, Roy, who did a nice job with his post above. It is just football and there are greater rewards in life they having your team win a Super Bowl. See you next year!

  9. Look packers get lucky. Lovie screw up for not taking long fields goal. Jay is damed Pu###^%. 1st half d was sleeping giving up 14 points in 1st half . where is kyle Orton when u need him. kyle in 08 lead us come backs. in that d missup it cost 3 games. if d wound nt miss up. bears would be in playoffs in 08. in kyle would be here right now. lead us 2 victory not jay the p####### cutler or rex buckner cutler. the worst trade ever made by bears.

  10. Roy, great post and good work as always. I avoided the TV and the internet last night knowing what to expect. When the game ended, I went home, ate dinner, worked out, and pretty much went on with my life. I’ve seen the Bears lose SEVEN home playoff games in my lifetime. Each time, the sun rose the next day. It would’ve been awesome to see the Bears in the Super Bowl, but what can you do. It was a miracle it was still a game after all the things went against them.

  11. And, can we stop the meathead comments about Cutler’s injury? I read in the Trib this morning it wasn’t even his call to come out. The coaches made the call. He looked hurt in the first half, and I pointed it out during the game. When he can’t step into his throws or roll out, he’s pretty much worthless. If anything, you should be questioning why Martz loves washed up old QBs instead of a decent young one. Had Hanie started the second half, there was plenty of time to put a decent plan in where they can be run heavy and be a threat to pass. By putting him in when they did, you were forced to pass on every down. Not exactly the best situation for a QB with zero NFL starts. Kudos to him for doing what he did.

  12. Grizzly Bear 23 on January 24th, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Why isn’t anybody questioning Chicago Bears offensive coordinator ” Mike Martz” decision making with regarding when to kick field goals and when to pull quarterback’s ? Martz denied the Bears 6 points (Golden Gould) in field goals as well as putting the entire team in total jeopardy by putting the 3rd string quarterback(Hanie) in the game with approximately 30 seconds left in the 3rd quarter making him the ONLY eligible quarterback left on the roster for the remainder of the game . Martz has been a head coach , and KNOWS that if he waited one more play, the 3rd quarter expires, and now he would have 3 quarterbacks left. What are his Non Championship incentives? I’d really like to see Martz man up and answer these questions.

    I’d like to know who influenced Bears Coach Smith not to take a challenge on Packers 2nd touchdown when the runners knee looked to be down, on replay ,before passing into the end zone . With the ball on the goal line, anything could have happened penalties, fumbles , interception,forced to kick field goal instead. What was Coach Smith’s motivation not to challenge the touch down? or not to challenge offensive coordinator Martz decision ,TWICE, to not attempt a 47 yard field goal ? and a 52 yard field goal ? when the Bears have the Best kicker (GOOD AS GOLD) right here alone is a difference of a possible 13 point swing for the Bears and a dead even game. The interceptions would not have occurred because they were both thrown in desperation when Matt Forte and the Bears running game were working. TERRIBLE DECISION MAKING by MARTZ and SMITH LOST THIS GAME! Number 1 to blame MARTz Number 2 to blame Coach Smith Everyone that seriously watched or studied this game knew that the Bears Defense were LIGHTS OUT the second half. Hanie moved the ball well on the ground and given the opportunity to work the clock in what should have been a closer score and not being squeezed into playing desperately forcing interceptions, 4th down, deep in Chicago zone with time running down, the Bear’s could have won this game with competent coaching decisions . I say we can Blame the coaches not the team. Do U agree? Is Martz a traitor or
    just stupid ? either way is unacceptable to this Bear Fan .


  13. Bears who are finished in Chicago (or should be):

    Todd Collins Should have been 3rd String
    Chester Taylor Played Poorly in 2010
    Brad Maynard Poor Punts in NFC Championship (Contract is up)
    Rashied Davis Should not be on an NFL roster.
    Pisa Tinoisamoa Injury Prone and Old
    Desmond Clark Contract is up

    I wonder if the Bears will re-sign the following:

    Anthony Adams
    Danieal Manning
    Corey Graham
    Nick Roach

    Looking foward, I think the age of the defense could mean that last Sunday will be the last hurrah for the Urlacher era in Chicago.

  14. As a lifelong Packer fan I would like to say a few things. First, most knowledgeable Packers fans were not sure who was going to win that game yesterday. Whoever won the turnover battle had the best chance. I found a whole new level of respect for the Bears. I would give my left arm to have a Brian Urlacher on my team. Great, great player and a class act. Today, at work and ralking with relatives that are huge Bear fans, no gloeating or boasting. Just a healthy respect for the 2 best teams in the NFC. I think this rivalry will be intense for the next few years looking at these 2 teams. The way it should be. I’ll even let the Lions in the party. Congratulations on a great season. I certainly wouldn’t want some ignorant fan rubbing my nose in it if the tables had been turned. My hats off to the majority of Bear fans that show class. See you next year.

  15. Thanks everyone for chiming in. Time heals. It is what it is. And what it is, is, it wasn’t meant to be for the Bears. If that sentence made any sense at all.

  16. It makes sense Roy. I guess my biggest frustration now is all the crap about Jay “tapping out” He had a bad game, and he got hurt..Period. To question his “toughness” after a season in which he got hit over..and over..and over again, is insane. The offense will continue to improve, lets just hope they put some more pieces in place around him. Everybody moans about the recieving corps, I think the starting point has to be the O-line, and then find a WR in free agency. No matter what happens, I know just like this season, that next season, I will watch every game, cheer on the Bears, take the good with the bad, and hope for the best.

  17. This guy explains the Cutler injury breakdown:

  18. Hey, the lower-case jeff in comment 3 above is not me … Thanks for the blog, Roy. It was a fun year. Let’s get ‘em in 2011 (only I suspect the Pack to be even better then, sans all the injuries …)
    - jeff (er, Jeff, er… Jeff R., er… let’s just call me Marty.)

  19. Been coming to this blog after every game this year, always nice to have company in excitement. Well now I have company in misery too. The one good thing that came out of this is finding out that all my Packers fan friends are really good sports about winning. I feel good about 2011, naysayers be darned!

  20. Yeah, that lower case Jeff is not me either, I was the first Jeff. From now on I’ll go by Calvin to keep it simple. Thanks again Roy!

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