Bears Fail to get 700th Win

If the Chicago Bears would have beaten the Minnesota Vikings tonight, not only would they have won their 700th game as a franchise, they would have secured sole possession of first place in the weak NFC North with just 4 games to play.

Of course they didn’t, and they didn’t.

I threw several items at the television, as undoubtedly many of the rest of you did.  Luckily I ensured the items I threw were light and sure not to cause any damage.  Hope the rest of you were that lucky when you threw items.

The ecstasy was first-seeing the Bear defense do a great job of shutting down Adrian Peterson, as far as shutting him down goes, as well as almost jumping to a 14-3 lead.  Then came the agony-seeing the Bears then turn a 7-3 lead into a 17-7 deficit.

After getting angry and launching the items, I take a few deep breaths and realize the fact of the matter that any number of launched items will not chang.  Obviously, the fact(s) of the matter is/are one or more of the following:

1.  The Vikings are a better team than the Bears.

2.  The Vikings have better coaching than the Bears.  (I realize this is hard to believe if you follow what Brad Childress does.  But look at some of the goofy crap you see the Bears coached to do).

3.  The Vikings wanted this game for control of the NFC North more than the Bears did.

Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter.  The Bears lost, they’re now 6-6, in second place in the NFC North with no chance of being an NFC Wildcard team.  Yes, the Vikings have a tougher schedule that the Bears and it’s possible if the Bears win out and Green Bay loses out with an easier schedule, the Bears could still win the NFC North.

I know there are some reading this with sunny dispositions that will rip me and tell me I’m not a fan, but the point of this whole deal is me giving my opinion, which is what I’m doing.  My opinion is the Bears will finish 8-8 if they beat Houston, 7-9 if they have nothing to play for the final week of the season and lose there.  Either way, they’re not going to the playoffs, even though I have to give the Bears $500 I don’t have by December 8th to oblige that farce for playoff tickets.

I was sick tonight watching a near 14-3 lead evaporate under stupid breakdowns, Bears balls hitting receivers in the hands while they weren’t looking, missed tackles, in other words everything we see in every Bears loss.

It’s all really maddening because they didn’t have to lose to Carolina.  They didn’t have to lose to Tampa, but they had to commit stupid penalties and gave that one away.  They would have beaten Atlanta if not for one stupid defensive breakdown at the very end of the game.  If not for those three losses, this loss wouldn’t mean what it did.  But it does.

I felt that after the Berrian 99-yard touchdown the defense hung their heads and gave up a little.  And that’s also precisely when the offense began to short-circuit.

What’s worse is unless this core of players that have started to tank in 2008 suddenly find a fountain of youth and change their attitudes in 2009, we’re stuck with this for a few years, and it’s going to get worse.  Lovie’s not firing his pal Babich, and Ron Turner’s unimaginative offense that blows first-and-goal’s at the one is not changing.

This on a night that rookie running back Matt Forte, who leads the league in touches, broke 1,000 yards rushing.  Forte has heart.  Several guys really have heart.  But I’ll tell you one thing.  If you read as I did that NFL players voted that they’d most like to play for Tony Dungy, then Lovie Smith out of the 32 NFL coaches, that should tell you something.  Guys really want to play for Smith because he’s a winner and gets results?  Or he’s easy to play for and very forgiving?  You come to your conclusion as I have come to mine.

Hope you enjoyed 2008, I enjoyed a lot of it.  But I don’t think it’s going anywhere.  I do think the Bears will beat the Jaguars, but that may be it.

6 Responses to “Bears Fail to get 700th Win”

  1. Tonight, I was explaining the rules of football to my wife.

    When the Bears failed to stop Peterson with 12 men on the field, she said..

    “Wow, they suck.”

  2. Rob-NICE man, that’s the only thing that got me feeling a little better right now.

  3. You are definitely a bears fan, however you failed to see that it was not just the many disappointing dropped passes that killed the bears chances of winning but also and most importantly the o-line that failed the franchise. One offensive lineman in particular. His name is John St. Claire. He may be the worst offensive lineman in the history of the game but the bears need a big man to fill in while chris williams heals up so we are stuck with a St. Louis Rams reject St. Claire. He sucks. If we had a good o-line Orton woudn’t make so many quick decisions resulting in picks. Also the bears would have maybe made that push into the endzone on 4th and one if they had the right o-line personnel. Sadly no we had St. Claire, who is garbage and is proof that god or the devil exsists, based purely on the fact that he is still a professional. Jared Allen who led the league in sacks last year set a career record for sacks against the sub-par St. Claire. Orton is fine. Lovie Smith is great. The only problem the bears have is an unhealthy Chris Williams who is exactly what they are missing and I pray that the bears are able to use him before it is too late.


  5. Although this loss can’t be pinned on just one specific area, one thing is now firmly established in Lovie’s era with the Bears, however much longer it lasts (unfortunately knowing the Bears, probably full term), and that is the fact Lovie and his staff are is incompetent idiots, making fellow chump Brad Childress look like Bill Walsh tonight.

    The main problem with the way the momentum, and ultimately the game, turned was not when the Bears failed to convert a 4th down run from the 1 yard line into a 14-3 lead. It turned when the Bears failed to convert their first three chances from the 1, starting with a play action pass to Olson that Orton threw out of bounds and had no chance. I didn’t like that play call, and wanted that touchdown punched in on that play, knowing how the Bears typically bungle these types of opportunities. The next three failing plays confirmed that. A solid team with a competent coaching staff punches that TD in there, no problems, no questions later on strategy. It should have never come down to 4th down anyway. And that leads to my next point.

    After failing to cash in a golden opportunity, and nearly throwing an end table into my basement wall, I was hoping the Bears defense could force a turnover or punt to get the ball back quickly. But our friend Charles Tillman had other ideas. I’ve never liked Tillman, and all the off-field stuff he does is fine. But injured or not, Tillman can’t cover anyone this year. Ever see the Bears’ CBs jam opponents receivers at the line like the rest of the league does? No, because Berrian ran right by him untouched, Tillman jumped inside and misread the play, and was burned in a play that broke the Bears’ backs. An inexcusable 99-yard letdown that turned the game around. But that blown coverage was one in a season full of them for Tillman and the now finished for the year Nathan Vasher.

    I don’t know why I still believe in Lovie’s ship of fools, but I still am hopeful we will somehow get to 9-7 or 10-6 and steal the division from the Viqueens. That will take some luck and the losses by the Viqueens, and the expected suspension of the Williamses, which has been inexplicably laying around by the league for weeks, and should have been in effect for the Bears game. What is taking so long? Here’s what – Goodell wanted to the Vikings their best “chance” to win this game, and then planned to enforce the suspension for the last 4 games. So don’t be surprised if the suspension is announced in the next few days, which is too late for the Bears’ sake.

    J Green — Lovie is great? Really? How so, please explain. You must either work for the Bears’ PR staff or be inhaling toxic fumes.

  6. I said this last week, and I will say it again, the Vikings will lose to the Lions on Sunday. And, let’s not give up on the season just yet. The Vikings history has been famous for losses like that. Let’s not give up on the season just yet. Look how well the Packers have responded after their big win aganist the Bears. The Bears are not a great team by any means, but if the Vikings were so much better, they’d be well ahead in first place by this point.

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