Bears Extract Revenge on Lions

I don’t have any more superlatives than have already been said by everyone else on the Bears’ dominant 37-13 win over the Detroit Lions.¬† The Bears most certainly extracted revenge for the Monday night defeat in Detroit a few weeks back.

Let’s here what you all think.

I just hope the loss of guard Chris Williams for the season won’t impact the offensive line that had really come together recently.

And how about that dirty play by a frustrated and embarrassed Lions team?

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  1. The Lions are comical. They play dirty, but whine and complain when they get called for it or when the other team hits back. It’s like the Pistons from the 80s/early 90s all over again. Listening to clips this morning of their broadcast and their sports blab radio was priceless. I watched the game with some friends, and one of them was a Packers fan. He felt the same way of the Lions as us Bears fans did. Hell, he flat out said they are going to miss the playoffs. Of course, I didn’t quite agree with him when he declared the Bears victors after the Hester return. There was only 44 minutes remaining in the game…

  2. Detroit is a candy-ass dome team full of excuses: Jahvid Best didn’t play; Stafford hurt his finger; the officiating; there were multiple holds on the Hester TD (those are some of the excuses I have heard). The Lions self-created image of intimidation is nothing more than a laughable, low-budget circus version of Madden’s Raiders.

    That was a great all around effort by the Bears from the coaches to the on-field execution.

  3. Great thoughts guys! Hope this good feeling continues. And Jeff (above) gets to see his next most hated opponent Phillip Rivers this Sunday.

  4. I get sick and tired of people making excuses about why their team lost. Do we do that?? Do we go right to the “so and so was hurt” or “penalties penalties penalties” crybaby excuses? The Detoilet Cryins have been exposed! End of story! Great game, I got lots of enjoyment watching our Bears “Whoop dat azz!” Phyllis Rivers, you’re next!

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