Bears Escape with Win vs Carolina

Sounds disingenuous saying it now, but honestly I was worried about the potential of a trap game yesterday. Luckily, somehow, the Bears were able to pull out a 23-22 last-second with over the Panthers.

What an exciting game to attend. As easily as the Bears could have lost the game, nobody I know thought they were going to lose. It certainly helped that Cam Newton threw Tim Jennings an easy pick six. The Bears need to get their offense going to ensure they’re not in this position against a better team than the Panthers.

As I was at the game, I missed the latest Jay Cutler fiasco. For the very few like me that didn’t know, it seems that Cutler may have said something like fabulous fans, I swear to God” as he was walking off the field for halftime.

I personally hate to see fans boo Cutler as if he’s the reincarnation of Rex Grossman, which he certainly is NOT. Then again, maybe Cutler needs to realize the fans aren’t booing him as much as expressing their general frustration with the offense. This is not how this offense should be playing.

And it certainly wasn’t Cutler’s fault that Brandon Marshall, Devin Hester and Matt Spaeth all dropped important catches that were right in their hands. Nor that he was sacked six times (while several of the sacks were in fact Cutler’s fault).

And what was with Ron Rivera pooching kicks the whole game, giving the Bears field position practically on their 40 the whole game? And allowing the Bears to call the same pass play six times in a row to drive down the field for the winning field goal?

Just glad the Bears squeaked this one out. This will not work against Houston, Green Bay, Minnesota, San Francisco, etc.

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  1. Unlike last week, I never was worried about this game. I kept telling my in-laws Carolina is 1-5 for a reason. Not every game in an NFL season is going to be pretty. Just got to do what you need to do.

  2. I don’t remember Chicago fans ever booing Jim McMahon.

  3. I know Cutler and the Bears offense was pretty poor last Sunday but I never like to hear the team booed whilst the game is being played.

    That said, the noise the Bears fans made when Cam Newton snapped the ball then threw the interception/touchdown return was just phenomenal I was only watching it on Gamepasss so God knows what it must of been like being there

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