Bears Embarrass Themselves in 17-14 Loss

Lovie Smith has said in the past that whenever the Bears defense holds their opponent to 17 points or less, the Bears should win that game.  While the Bears collectively gave up 17, seven of those points were on a return of one of Jay Cutler’s four interceptions.  So the defense, in an extremely solid effort, held up their end of the bargain by giving up only 10 points.

Unfortunately Jay Cutler single-handedly lost the game, fumbling once and throwing four interceptions to the same Redskin defender.  DeAngelo Hall’s day ties the NFL record for interceptions in a game, thanks to Cutler.

In the third quarter when the Bears found themselves with a first-and-goal at the one yard line, I jokingly told my Soldier Field neighbors that the Bears were in their worst spot on the football field.  Honestly, they were 0-9 with first-and-goal inside the five yard line going into the game.  On the first snap, Cutler went high with the ball on a quarterback sneak, allowing the Redskins a free shot to grab the ball, which they did.  To me, with the Bears still leading and Washington with 99 yards to go for a score, I felt the game was over right there.  And it would prove to be over right there.

I was at the game and didn’t see a replay, but I heard callers into the postgame shows commenting that Cutler clearly broke the plane of the goal line, yet Lovie Smith didn’t challenge the call.  If this is true, that is an unforgivable gaffe by the Bears’ head coach.

Callers also complained about Mike Martz’ play calling, and the play of the offensive line.  All I have to say is Martz didn’t throw four interceptions.  Martz didn’t kill the drive when Matt Forte fumbled.

One of my good friends from Soldier Field summed it up nicely after that game when he said “the mark of a bad team is when they have so many different things going wrong every week.  If it was the same thing every week, that would be one thing.  But to lose with so many different problems every week is just the mark of a bad team.”  And I agree with him.

Back to Smith: he’s as confident as he usually is after losses.  “Jay will come out of this, and we did some good things,” he said.  Thanks Lovie, we’ll see, but to me I can see the house of cards Jerry Angelo has built getting closer and closer to tumbling every Sunday.

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  1. Here are some words that caame to mind as I watched this game: pathetic, incompetent, disgraceful, ridiculous, and in the end, completely predictable.

    I’ve been in Cutler’s corner from day 1, but week to week, terrible offensive line or not, his decision making and performance are starting to look downright awful. His game today was terrible, and his bumbling and slopping play cost this game. As Roy alluded to last week, I also now have serious doubts he will lead us to anything.

    Yes, I can agree with Roy’s point on the fumble from the 1, after seeing Lovie and Co.s subsequent screw ups from there. I was seriously thinking to myself “how are the Bears going to screw this up?”. While Bennett made a nice play to get it down the the 1, why are you going to challenge that? While Roy points out our offenseive incompetence from the 1 this year, any playoff of marginally contending team will find a way to get 7 there, period. If you can’t do that, you’re not a playoff team, end of story. When you can’t do that over several games and 10 tries at it, that’s pathetic.

    If he didn’t stupidly challeege Bennet was in, then he could have challenged when Cutler DID put the ball out over the goal line, and it was not called, but somehow a fumble was, when Haynesworth held him up, pulled him back, and then a fumble was called. Overall, the officiating in this game was terrible, but that is no excuse.

    Again, the Bears incompetence cost them a home game. For those who want to foolishly believe at 4-3 and still in “first place” we have a good chance at the playoffs, think again, this team is going nowhere.

  2. It’s really frustrating to watch this surreal ineptitude, and I feel your pain for those who were at the game watching this self-destructing performance. I’m really tired of the stoic and overANALytic coaches, which is fostering tentative performance in the players. Show some passion and cojones in this passionate sport!

    There are definitely some skilled and passionate players on the team, and others who seem to be tentative and not sure what they should be doing. That comes down to coaching. Given the experience and supposed talent in the coaching staff, that is inexcusable. Lovie needs to go, he shows no leadership and passion at all.

    I realize this is all a “game”, and just big-bucks entertainment, but c’mon these have been embarrassing performances. I’m glad I got to see and be inspired by the passion and fury of a Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, Dan Hampton and Mike Ditka, to name a few. It’s time for the current Bear team to turn up the passion, or the Bears will continue to fall down.


  4. This team’s offense is still in preseason. Terrible officiating nullified two touchdowns; bad luck. How come Lovie doesn’t challenge the fumble at the goal line after challenging the spot on Bennett’s catch??? that’s totally incoherent!
    Very good defense though, and the offense was moving the ball effectively behind that O-line before Cutler came into a good old interception-throwing spree.

  5. Cutler’s gaffes reminded me of Rex Grossman…just some boneheaded plays out there. I don’t know what else to say.

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