Bears-Eagles Final Thoughts

Well, I’m 3-0 in predicting Bears games this season, unlike any of the “real” media who each and every one predicted a loss to Indianapolis.  I wish I were 1-2 and the Bears 3-0, they truly would be were it not for some very stupid plays at very stupid moments.

I’ll fall to 3-1 if the Bears win Sunday night, and I hope it happens.  The Bears have been real strange about losing games they should win, and winning games they should lose over the years.  I’ll be looking forward to the game and tailgating, but until the Bears stop looking like they’re undisciplined, overpaid and inept on offense for the most part, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  1. LEROY!!! What’s happening my man? I’m astounded you are 3-0 picking the Bears this season??? Actually, no I’m not…LMAO…you are a realist/pessimist and I know we share many sentiments about the management of the Bears organization.

    I have the Bears losing Sunday night in another close one. I doubt they will be blowing a 4th Quarter lead but they will be in a tight game and unable to complete the comeback.

    I will be at the game. I am coming in from Madison, WI and stopping by Surf’s on my way to the game. Need anything from him? Can we (my girlfriend and I) hook up and tailgate with you guys? I’ll give you a call today.

    FYI….it’s my 42nd B-day next Friday and you know how these Sunday night games have gone for me in the past when celebrating my birthday……LMAO!!!

  2. Sorry but there is no value in accurately picking against the Bears.

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