Bears Dominate Vikings, Back in First

That was one of the most enjoyable Bears games I’ve watched in years.  I told my Soldier Field neighbors, when was the last time we felt the Bears were fully in control at any point during a game?  We got our answer toward the end of the fourth quarter, and it was nice.

80% of the ESPN staff, 100% of Profootballtalk, and I believe 60% of the Tribune had the Vikings, and the Bears pulled it off in pretty dominating fashion.

It was one thing for the Bears to dominate the rapidly more ineffective Favre, more telling that they virtually shut down Adrian Peterson.  For whatever reason, Devin Hester has his mojo back.  Although he didn’t break any returns for touchdowns, the way he weaved through defenders on several long touches was seemingly as amazing as when he scores.

Mike Martz’ playcalling finally seemed to be where we want it to be, and how can you say enough about the offensive line?  The unit cleared the way for over 100 yards rushing and held the Vikings’ strong pass rush to just one sack.  That is remarkable.  The offensive line finally was not offensive.

After the game the Vikings announced that Brad Childress will remain their coach for the rest of the year.  And Favre continued to offer up excuses for his poor play, stating that now his shoulder is injured.

Hopefully for our sake, the Vikings will stick with the pathetic display that is Childress and Favre when the Bears travel to Minneapolis in December.

For today, I’m going to savor that dominating win.

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  1. Yes it was a great game to watch! Glad to see Hester back returning kicks…let him do what he does best. He’s a good WR but a better kick returner. Also, I just watched the highlights on and it seems like the team has each other’s backs…Urlacher congratulating Olsen on a TD catch, Peppers with a front row view and jumping like crazy on the sideline when Hester had the long kick return…the team seems to be coming together! If Cutler could have thrown away that one ball in the red zone instead of the INT it would have been a near-perfect game for him (one more INT that wasn’t Cutler’s fault). OH, and it was nice to see Lovie getting excited too, high fiving, smiling…emotion is good sometimes!

    Anyone else going to be in Miami Thursday? Can’t wait!!!

  2. No dissection of the gameplay. Just these two statements: Jared Allen is still a giant douche. I am still sick of Brett’s “aw-shucks” country boy schtick.

  3. Aw, shucks Brad, leave good ol’ boy Brett alone. Didn’t you know he got a “broke foot” an’ a “broke shoulder” and if he didn’t, he be tearin’ it up out there as usual?

    Agree with you on Allen, he sure has disappeared this season, hasn’t he?

    Have fun at the game Perno!

  4. LOL.
    It is due payment that sticking with the good ol’ BMW-riding broke country boy and giving him special treatment backfires at Childress.
    Non-dropped pass from Rashied Davis, back to back TD passes to Olsen, the block by Chester Taylor on the pass to Kellen Davis: awesome.
    Hope they keep on playing like that at Miami.
    Enjoy the game Perno!

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