Bears Dominate Lions 2012

A couple of articles today are icing on the cake after Chicago’s dominant win over Detroit. 13-7 was the final score, only because of a garbage touchdown scored by the Lions with 40 seconds remaining in the game. I wanted a shutout bad, but will certainly take the win.

Profootballtalk now ranks the Bears as the third best team in the NFL behind the Falcons and the Giants. Rankings, schmankings, but it’s nice to see that. With their 5-1 record, the Bears are ahead of Minnesota by one game and Green Bay by two. With the Packers entering an easy stretch, it will be important for the Bears to not lose any trap games.

And after yet another dominant performance by cornerback Peanut Tillman, Profootballtalk is mentioning Tillman as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. I love watching Tillman play, and Profootballtalk calls him the best cornerback in the NFL. Wow.

3 Responses to “Bears Dominate Lions 2012”

  1. Great game by the D, really was hoping for the shutout too.

  2. Though I was always confident of the win, I thought this was going to be a tough game for the Bears but the defence was once again outstanding.

    It does makes you wonder what our defence will be like in 5 years time though I guess we should enjoy this vintage whilst it lasts.

    No room for compalcency against the Panthers this weekend either.

    Lets Go Bears

  3. This is a special team right now, an absolute pleasure to watch.

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