Bears Dog and Pony Show

According to various sources, there has been “grumbling” within the NFL about the breadth of the Chicago Bears’ coaching search. (And ProFootBallTalk just can’t resist to continue to use the photo of Phil Emery in which he looks like Maxwell Smart). Teams believe that Emery is using the guise of interviews to glean intelligence from other coaches. I don’t have a problem with this. Nor does Dan Pompei of the Tribune.

What I will have a problem with is if the Bears jeopardize hiring the right coach because of the dog-and-pony show they have always insisted on putting on with final head coach candidates. They did it in 1999, they did it in 2004, when they brought the finalists to Halas Hall for last interviews and press conferences. And Emery already announced in his January 1st conference that the final two candidates will be paraded as such.

Let me just remind everyone that the Kansas City Chiefs, who have been an utterly dysfunctional organization for at least five years, identified Andy Reid as their man and stuck quickly. (I’m not saying I would have wanted Reid as the Bear’s coach-I don’t). But they decided they knew who they wanted, and they landed him without pandering to anyone.

Should the final two candidates be available and ready to take the Bears job, not talking to other teams, I don’t have a problem with seeing the final two being interviewed and paraded.

But here’s my fear. Let’s say when Mike McCoy becomes available (if the Broncos are eliminated from the playoffs), there is fierce competition between the Bears and the Eagles to hire him. This is IF McCoy is identified as the right man. Are the Bears going to lose out simply because the Eagles will hire swiftly and the Bears will lose him because he won’t participate in the final interview and conference with the media?

Based on what we have heard from Emery, I would hope to God that this is not a possibility. But we were also led to believe that this was Emery’s show to run, until we heard that he acquiesced to a McCaskey request to interview Mike Singletary. (Side note, why would Singletary and Keith Armstrong go through the motions to be interviewed when they have to know there is no chance in hell either of them are getting hired?)

Anyway, I believe I heard that based on interview length that Tampa offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is very high on Emery’s list, if not at the top. I do not know if time will tell this will be the right hire or not. But I still trust that Emery will make the right decision.

(And I may end up being wrong about that too).

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  1. There is a huge difference between Andy Reid and most other candidates the Bears want. Andy Reid could be hired right away. The other coaches were either in the playoffs or still in the playoffs. The Bears haven’t even had a chance to even talk to Bruce Arians or Tom Clements. John Clayton thinks Tressman is the guy that eventually gets the job. The reason? The other guys will still be coaching deep in the playoffs. Most teams don’t want to wait until after the Super Bowl to hire a coach.
    This is the challenge of a coaching search. The best candidates are usually still in the playoffs and can’t be hired. So, in short, if you want progress, root for a typical Peyton Manning outdoor playoff performance so Mike McCoy will be available. The fact that Emery was seeking permission to interview before Lovie was even fired tells me had candidates from the get go.

  2. This is my problem with it too, they’ll wait too long and end up making the wrong choice.

  3. First off, there’s no guarantee McCoy definitely wants to come here. I’m just not on the McCoy bandwagon, he sounds like Josh McDaniels to me. Second, I don’t think a Broncos early exit is likely. This extends the waiting period and then you get into the scenario Roy references, and if it comes down to 2-3 teams fighting to get him at that time, then based on history we know the Bears will lose out and be stuck holding a bag of dog crap, which would be Treastman.

    Can anyone make one valid point why that hire would make sense? I’ve heard some good things about Sullivan but don’t know enough about him to make a judgement. I have said Billick’s name before, and Hub the other day took some pretty decent shots at the Bears for not even looking at him. I have no problem agreeing that he’s got a perfectly valid point that makes sense, assuming he’s interested in coaching again.

    The waiting game for coaches still in the playoffs is part of the game. But if you know what you are doing and how to run the search, you can and should be able to get who you want. The problem is I really don’t have trust in Emery to do the right thing but hope he proves otherwise.

  4. JDM, agreed, if Emery ends up being worth his salt, he had to have had an idea of who he was looking at. And he probably did. Let’s hope it works out.

  5. Why is Billick so special? He is suposed to be an offensive “genious”, and yet, his offenses in BALT were quite crappy most of the time. Like Gruden, he rode the coat tails of one of the best defenses in NFL history for his success. I find the Cohwer chants just as annoying, but I can at least understand why people would want him. Billick and Gruden are both just names, and both are quite overrated. Although, at least Billick does a pretty good job in the booth. Gruden is worse than Madden.

    I questioned the Trestman interview as well. That is, until I actually read his bio. He had plenty of NFL coaching experience and wroking with QBs. He was more of a victim of timing than anything else. If he is the guy, I’m willing to give him a chance.

  6. JDM, I agree, I am off the bandwagon of Gruden, Holmgren, Billick. Even though they say the coaching flame burns strong, it would have to be really hard to leave that good TV gig. I still have plenty of faith that Emery is going to find the right guy.

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