Bears Destroyed at Baltimore

Is it possible that a professional football team can continue to play worse and worse and worse in infinity?  Can the Chicago Bears continue to get worse every week?  Will the opening day score in 2010 be opponent 41, Bears 0, and at the finale next year will we see the opponent break the Bears’ 60 year old record of 73 points in a game?

I’m finding it hard to argue against myself on this, because the Bears are regressing every week.  And fans, as I keep saying, 2010 is going to be so much worse than 2009.  They have no draft picks prior to the third round, there will be no free agents to add (and if there were we’d inevitably be handed the next Frank Omiyale by Jerry Angelo) and yes, rest assured, Lovie Smith will be back no matter how badly the rest of 2009 goes.

I look for two more losses, including against Detroit in the finale, and we’ll go into 2010 refreshed to win 3 games at the most.

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  1. The Bears obviously deny that report:

  2. That was a horrific loss. The third quarter was probably the worst quarter of this season, and that is saying a lot.

  3. I think we’re at a point where “going to a Bears game” really doesn’t mean anything. I was offered some tickets last week to see them play the Rams and I declined. Maybe a half-empty stadium will wake the McCaskey’s from their crypt.

    The “system” isn’t working. The team is an embarrassment. Next year will be bad anyway so let’s hit the bottom and replace everyone from Angelo to Lovie and unload our overpaid players. Reboot Bears. Reboot.

  4. I’ve been told by people, at least one of which is very close to this site, that when I get angry with our local sports teams, I can unleash award winning diatribes. Consider this to be one of them.

    I refuse to accept watching this garbage any longer. Check that, sewage. Gutless, no talent sewage – that sounds about right. Coached by the same. Yes, Bears fans, this is what we have. Lovie back foor Year 7. BUT, at least one good thing happened today: Ron Turner’s exodus was confirmed when Jay’s overthrown pass to Olsen on 4th down sailed over his head.

    Will it matter? No. I have stood by Cutler all year long, despite how godawful he’s looked all too often. But after today, I have to say that I don’t even have hope we can rebuild around him. He continues to look disinterested, not on the same page w/ receivers, and awful. For god’s sake, a shaky, second year p&^%$ like Flacco outdueled him and made our secondary (for the 100th time) look like pop warner.

    I hate everything about this team, but most of all, here’s a shout out to the McCaskey family, especially Mikey, and to Sweaty Teddy: You A%$holes make me want to puke. You are a disgrace of an organization. Until you sell out and get out of a businees you have no right being in, this team and its loyal fan base are stuck watching this garbage, and you make me sick. I was rooting against your sorry asses to lose, and Bennett’s return was the only thing that saved you from being shutout.

    The only thing separating you from being the worst team in football is the Rams. Even Cleveland has surpassed you, you pathetic losers.

  5. If major changes aren’t done, meaning Lovie isn’t gone(he wont be) a legitimate OC AND DC isnt hired and some major free agents aren’t signed I’m going to step away from the Bears for a little while. I’ve learned it’s best to step back and not let a sports team actually get to you with incompetence.

    I did this once after 95 when they let Jeff Graham go with they’re usual “let’s just let a good player go for nothing bc we’re cheap and wonder why we suck”

    This team isnt a team. It’s pathetic. It was stupid to think adding Jay Cutler without a good line or established receivers would be a good idea. He’s always been known to gunsling, which turns into bad situations when talent isnt there to support the QB. Also, anybody who didnt realize that they didnt have a professional secondary when the season started just doesn’t know football.

  6. Growing up around Indy we were once all Bears fans. Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, etc. exhibited the heart and character worth rooting for. It has been so much easier switching allegences to the Colts, not because of Ws and Ls, but because of the class of the organization and fans. The way Chicago treated Grossman and the knucklehead approach of thinking Cutler was the savior is laughable. Who would have ever thought that the Bears would need to learn from a city with a big race track on how to run a football operation?

  7. Some honest questions here:

    Is what we see due to over inflated salaries and players not buying into the system? Some of these guys have talent and potential, but are they just done? Is there no fighting spirit like Oakland or Pitt or Dallas. We at least started 3-1, what happened. Did those guys get tired of Lovie’s bullshit or something?

    Are we going to have to suffer for 3-4 years, so some contracts can run up before we start rebuilding? Is there anyway to put a winning football team on the field? I’m assuming the answer is we have to suffer for at least 2-3 years, and hope some 4/5/6th rounders turn out to be real starters.

  8. Seriously….the Bears are doing awful no doubt but to try and pass blame to anyone in particular is a waste of time. What everyone forgets is football is a TEAM effort. The Bears just don’t play as a team…they have no love for their new quarter back and he can care less…the offensive line does nothing to help him have time for a decent pass….and the defense…oh man don’t get me started. I can go on for days about the defense. The point is until they get some players that actually like each other and want to play with each other it doesn’t matter who coaches them….next time your all watching the game look at the players on the sidelines…they all stand apart from each other no one looks at each other…they just don’t show up…none of em…there is a lot of talent on this team and it just doesn’t come full force because the talent is to busy wishing they were some where else….players like that who needs em….with that said…I LOVE THE BEARS. I will always be a fan through and through maybe some day we will actually get a TEAM together….

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