Chicago Bears Blog vs. the Experts

I posted my predictions last night, before today’s season previews came out in the Tribune, so I could see how I measured up against the “experts” (because we all know fans aren’t experts, right?). Here’s what the Tribune’s experts say about the season, along with their predicted Super Bowl champ:

Terry Bannon: 6-10 Chargers
Mike Downey: 7-9 Chargers
David Haugh: 6-10 Patriots
Melissa Issacson: 7-9 Chargers
Vaughn McClure: 8-8 Cowboys
Fred Mitchell: 7-9 (NA)
Rick Morrissey: 6-10 Patriots
John Mullin: 8-8 Patriots
Dan Pompei: 6-10 Cowboys

No one else predicts that the Bears will win in Indianapolis. 7 of the 9 think the Bears will be swept by the Vikings on the season. Only 1 predicts a win at Carolina, 1 a win vs. Jacksonville, 2 a win over the Eagles and 3 beating the Titans.

Let the games begin.¬† What do the rest of you non-experts think?¬† (Sorry to lump you in my category, but you know what the “experts” say).

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  1. As I’ve said in the past, when it comes to our Bears, it’s always hope for the best…but prepare for the worst. I too am a true, die-hard Bears fan, and I don’t think you’re too far off, Roy. To be honest, if we could pull off an 8-8 season I would be thrilled (sad, isn’t it?). I can easily see our team going 7-9 or 6-10 though. I think our special teams will again be spectacular this year and keep us in (if not downright win) some games. I am looking forward to seeing what our offense can do. I know we are thin at O-line, but I am really excited about Forte. He will do WAY more with whatever holes he is given than that bum Benson. I love Rashied Davis and think he is going to have a good year, along with Olsen and Clark. Great tight-end tandem. I was really impressed with Orton the games that he played last year, especially the Green Bay game at Soldier Field. I think he has a decent arm, makes good decisions, and is displaying a ton of confidence and preparedness thus far. I was glad that he got the nod over Rex. I’m not saying that he is going to win MVP this year, but if our O-line holds up, I think he may surprise some people with his play. Unfortunately, the thing that has me the most worried is our defense. I hope (and pray) that they can return to form and not play like they did last year and all of the preseason. I hope the team stays healthy this year, and I think if they can get a few early season wins, they might get some confidence and have a better year than most are predicting. At this point, we’re still undefeated, right? Gotta enjoy it while it lasts…as always, great site & great posts, Roy. I visit everyday to see what the resident “non-expert” has to say. BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO, BEAR DOWN!

  2. Lovie turned a 5-11 team into an 11-5 team. Give the man some credit. He took this franchise to the brink of a Superbowl title. Have some faith instead of ripping his decisions. I have been reading Bears blogs all day waiting with anticipation for the opening kickoff on Sunday night. I just want to hear something supportive because all my fellow Bears fans seem to do is b****. Yes, the defense has been playing poorly, but in preseason, not the regular. Analysts suck. It is a proven fact that even the best of analysts can’t predict s***. Otherwise the NY Giants wouldn’t have had a chance. Let’s not be bandwagon, only there for our team when they are up, and ripping on the decisions they make the rest of the time. We have not seen what the 2008 Bears can do yet. I can’t wait for Sunday!

  3. Harry, thanks man, I’m glad you stop by. Higgins, I hear you. I wrote that I HOPE FOR and WANT the Bears to go 18-0. Saying that logically, based on what I’ve seen, I think they will go 7-9, is just my common-sense prediction. That’s what I wanted to do for the first time ever, logically predict what I think will happen this season. Do I hope you’re right and do I hope I am totally wrong on my prediction? Hell yeah! Oh, and Higgins, I appreciate you stopping by to read every day too!

  4. I don’t know, with all the money being spent on the defense, 8-8 is the worst record I’m anticipating. Anything worse will be a let down to me. Based on that, I’m thinking 10-6. I see losses to the Colts, Eagles, twice to the Vikes, once to the Lions, and finally the Jags. Call me crazy but I say Orton develops chemistry with a sure-handed receiving corps, and Forte has a nice rookie year over 1,000 yds rushing with a few TD’s. The defense will come around, last year in San Diego they were pretty much the same players and they looked amazing…for a quarter or two. Now just keep that up for 16+ games and who knows. I’m clearly out of my mind :)

  5. I’m hoping the season turns out your way and not mine Perno. I’m pulling for you!

  6. Win or lose! any Bears game on television up here in cheeseland, is better than living among these Packer freaks. Great job on the website Roy!!!

  7. There’s my good friend Mikey! The man that witnessed my favorite moment in 30 years at Soldier Field in 1988. “Don’t you put yo hands in his face no mo!” “Hand it off to Mustard! Hand it off to McMahon!” Good to hear from you pal.

  8. Perno I see your 10-6 and I raise you a win. After seeing this Bears defense back in form, I am excited. After seeing Matt Forte do all the things Cedric Benson never even thought about doing, I am excited. After seeing turnover free football from our offense against a very good defense, I am excited. I told you not to jump on the Bear hating band wagon. I just hope we can continue the kind of effort that we put out yesterday, and remain injury free. Go Bears!

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