Bears at Vikings 2009

I’ve been chided in the past for talking about the opposition here in the past, especially about hated rivals.  But I have to do this, it’s a part of the healing process I desperately need after realizing my football team again finds itself in the depths of a Wanny/Jauron-esque level of suckitude.

Anyone here brave (or stupid/crazy) enough to think the Bears have the slightest chance of pulling off an upset at Minnesota Sunday?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Over the course of the last few weeks, as much as I HATE to do it, I have to admit that the Vikings are damn good.  I was certain that by now, Brett Favre would be completely broken down and another season of extreme expectations would end up in frustration and disappointment.  But I can’t believe now that I could have thought that.

Look at them-they do have everything.  Not only one running back that may end up in the end being as good over his career as, gulp, Walter Payton, but a backup that could start for most teams in the NFL in Chester Taylor.  They have the best defensive line in the game bar none, and if not the best offensive line, as close to the best as there is.  The $42 million man Bernard Berrian is actually only their third best receiver.  The linebackers and secondary are very good, even while they’re missing their top cornerback in Antoine Winfield.

And Favre, he’s been killing me for years, and he won’t go away.  He’s having his best season since his back-to-back-to-back MVP years.  I am now convinced that he’s going to play until he’s 50.

And writing all of that is killing me.  But again, part of the healing (or mask of sanity) process.

I could hope that the Bears will find it within themselves to play with everything they have out of self respect, as they did against the Packers in 2007 when they swept their rivals that went 13-3 and advanced to the NFC Championship.  But unfortunately I don’t think they’re capable of doing so.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

6 Responses to “Bears at Vikings 2009”

  1. The Bears are horrible in the Metrodome. They have won 2 games there this decade (2001 and 2006). They’ve had several close games in the Metrodome, but in reality, the Bears just cant win there. Since this is a losing season this year, dont expect a victory Sunday.

  2. No way the Bears win, unless both Favre and Peterson get hit by a bus while walking into the Metrodome, and even then it’s a long shot. Here’s hoping…(just kidding)…

  3. I know that the Bears have been playing like crap, but if Jay Cutler will suck it up and throw the ball right, the defense can step it up a couple hundred knotches, we might be able to pull off a miracle, buts its a really long shot.

  4. It defies all reason that the Bears would have a chance at winning this game.. which may be exactly why I think They may have a either that or im just delusional..

  5. Yeah I don’t think they have a chance either. They just don’t want it bad enough, and the coaching is bad. I’m starting to wonder if Chicago is cursed when it comes to qb.

  6. No chance against the norse. The O-line is incapable of maintaining a pocket for more than 1 second against even the bad teams it has played. The Vikings D-line is a major step up in talent and intensity. The Bear receiving corp should be working at a meat packing plant instead of masquerading as professional pass receivers. Cutler has no chance to make plays. No protection, nobody to make plays on the receiving end of his throws. Another depressing Monday morning for us Bear fans.

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