Bears at Vikings 2007

My, how fortunes can change quickly in the NFL.? Unless you’re the Green Bay Packers, who have remained consistently good with only three off years since 1991.

The Minnesota Vikings are favored by 9 points over the Chicago Bears for Monday Night’s matchup.? What looked to be an easy win for the Bears at the beginning of the 2007 season now figures to be a comfortable loss.

The Bears are 8-5 against the Vikings since the 2001 season.? But Minnesota now has Adrian Peterson, a vastly improved passing game and defense, plenty of young talent and perhaps the best offensive and defensive lines in football.

Contrast that with the Bears, whose vaunted 2006 defense is now a shadow of its former self.? Couple that fact with a historically poor offense, aging star players and little young talent in the pipeline, and the Bears look to be fighting for the cellar for years to come.

Imagine this: Viking coach Brad Childress was rumored to be a sure goner following 2007? season as recently as three weeks ago.? Now that the Vikings have roared back to crush their last three opponents, things are looking up in Minneapolis.

What’s your over/under on Kyle Orton sacks and interceptions?

I would absolutely love to see Orton give the Bears a sliver of hope for 2008 with strong performances in 2007′s final three weeks.? But I don’t expect it.

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