Bears at Vikings 2007: Halftime

I wasn’t going to do this because I’m sick of it-it’s always the same with this team. But I can’t help myself.

- I’m pleasantly shocked, the Bears look inspired and are playing hard, like they have something on the line. I have to give them credit for that. As if they shouldn’t play hard for their millions, but you know.
- I hope we have something in Kyle Orton, I really do. I was never one of his bashers back in 2005. But I don’t see a lot of difference between the 2005 Bear offense and this one led by Orton. Of course the line is much worse now and the running game is non-existent…that has a lot to do with it.
- The offense has been given great field position by returns and for once turnovers given to them by the defense. And they have done nothing with it. No surprise there.
- A Mark Bradley sighting? Nice second-round investment, Jerry Angelo. Hey, I don’t think he sucks….evidently you do by burying him as your fifth receiver.
- I’m not one to argue for the ridiculous quick fixes like “FIRE RON TURNER-IT’S ALL HIS FAULT. “? But damn, I don’t know what they’re thinking sometimes-many times this season. You rarely give Garrett Wolfe the opportunity to be on the field. And you choose to put him out there–then run him directly into the middle of the line–from the Bears’ three? You must be out of your mind, not thinking, asleep at the wheel, whatever.
- Way to go Bears fans, I’m proud of you all. Turning out in numbers you can hear to support your 5-8 team. Way to go!
- This sieve of a defense is impressing me with their inspired play tonight. Makes you wonder how the season may have been different with Nathan Vasher there all year?
- TOUCHDOWN! off the Vasher interception. Wow!

Chicago leads 13-6 at halftime thanks to giving away a field goal at the end. Absolutely gave away the yardage leading up to it. Although it would do nothing but prolong the agony for another week, of course I want our Bears to win. But I’m sorry, I’m on the edge of my seat with every Minnesota play, dreading that the next play is the big 80-yard Peterson touchdown run.

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