Bears at Panthers 2010

Found it interesting to note that Carolina is favored by a point this weekend, showing how little faith anyone still has in the Bears.

If there ever has been a must-win game for a 3-1 team over an 0-4 team, it’s this one.¬† Once again, just as I thought just about every other week, the season is not over and in flames if the Bears lose this.¬† But the chances of the Bears surprising everyone and making the playoffs in 2010 are far less likely if the Bears can’t pull this one out, backup quarterback or not.

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  1. The panthers defense is quite good in stopping the run. Hopefully the offensive line and the backs are up to the challenge to show they can run the ball. And if we still have to pass and Collins sucks, then we might see a Hanie-Clausen duel, which will be interesting.

    Go Bears!

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