Bears at Packers 2013

A few quick thoughts on the upcoming Monday Night Football game at Green Bay.

- It is well known that the Bears continue to run the same defense as they did under Lovie Smith for eight seasons. It’s “bend but don’t break,” try to force turnovers while forcing the opposition to get yardage a little at a time, and to not allow long plays. This defensive system MUST have a strong pass rush from the four down linemen. No pass rush from the four down linemen, and it’s FAIL. No pass rush from four down linemen plus Aaron Rodgers, and I’m sorry to say the Bears could be toast quickly on Monday. They currently rank 27th of 32 teams defensively.

- Sorry to once again bring up the miserable stats vs. Green Bay, but I have to. Mike Ditka had a 15-5 record against the Packers in 10 seasons. Since Michael McCaskey fired Ditka, the Bears have lost 30 of 41 games against Green Bay (including the 2010 NFC Championship game at home). I’d love to see the Bears pull off a shocking upset Monday, proving that they still have a chance to win in 2013 despite all their injuries. I’ve convinced myself that the Bears would finally do it many times over the last 41 games, and have usually been wrong. I’m not even trying to convince myself anymore.

- Speaking of the injuries, in addition to Kyle Long and Jordan Mills on offense, the Bears are now forced to start rookies Khaseem Greene and Jon Bostic at linebacker for the foreseeable future. Not to mention a heavy dose of young, unproven players on the defensive line, including Zach Minter, Landon Cohen and David Bass. With Rodgers at quarterback, the Packers have brushed off significant injuries at receiver to not miss a beat. It would be nice to see the Bears shock by improving on defense with the injuries, but I’m not counting on it.

- I like reading Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, so no sleight here. I was surprised he wrote this, though. Last week, before the Bears’ ugly loss at Washington, in his 32-team rankings Biggs wrote of Green Bay: “After the 1-2 start, who would have thought they would be atop the NFC North?” I DID. It always happens.

- The 3-0 start this season may have had myself and other Bears fans dreaming of one more push for the Super Bowl before the window closes on this group. Should the Bears fall to 4-4 after a loss at Green Bay, then lose to Detroit at home, tell me how there is any hope left in this season with a 4-5 start? They would have to play flawless football, avoid further injuries (doubtful) and have great fortune thrown in to finish no worse than 6-1 to have any hope. Then next year, remember there is no choice but a rebuild in order. 30 players have contracts expiring. This team needs playmakers on the defensive line and secondary. It will be interesting. Hopefully not depressing though.

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  1. As for the game, I’m sure McCown will play with guts, make a few plays, and keep the Bears in it early. But I also see the Packers rolling to an easy 38-17 victory.

    As for the bigger picture, it’s more bleak. One of the writers pointed out last week that the many misses by Jerry Angelo in the draft are really catching up to the Bears now. So poor Phil Emery…he’ll have MORE than his hands full this offseason trying to salvage this thing, and/or to keep it from slipping into a full bore rebuild. Again, sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but this is a train wreck (draft misses) that’s been coming for a while now..

  2. Our sentiments are alike, Mike. Like it or not. I see Tillman and Peppers gone next year. And if Wootton & McLellin don’t step up their games, we have nothing on the D Line. Could get ugly for a while.

    How again did the Packers go from 4-12 to 8-8 to being back in it every year in just two years?

  3. Enough talent on the Bears O, I think, to get 24 or even 31 points even with McCown, especially with Clay Matthews out. But of course the huge problem here is that we have to hold GB to 23 or 30 points get a win. Will be holding my breath every time the Bears D is on the field.

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