Bears at Packers 2012

Four hours to gametime. Remember Bears, if this does serve as motivation to you, nobody seems to believe you can pull it off. Even more indicative are the Chicago Tribune’s picks this morning-only one expert picked the Bears (versus around seven for the Packers).

One loss at Green Bay in what will be a ferociously tough game will not end the season. Plenty more football left to play after this game. But I’d sure love to see the Bears kick the Packers while they’re down.

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Enjoy the game.

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  1. It’s a huge game tonight. 2-0 could be the start of something special and a win there would be a statement to the NFL that the Bears are for real.

  2. LeRoy!!!

    Even I think they can do it – some run blocking for a credible play action, adequate defense, & +30 points, we are there… we usually hold them to less that 30.. Sadly, in the past we never scored much more than 18…

    Their defense isn’t all that good, it’s their offense that buys them wins, but usually keep them below their average… I’m telling, it could happen!!!

    (have you every heard me like this before about the bears?)


  3. Whatever McSteen is on I want some.

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