Bears at Packers 2008

Time to get right down to it.  It’s Packer week.  The Chicago Bears will be facing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field without Brett Favre for the first time since October 17, 1991.  The Packers were 1-6 that day, quarterbacked by Don Majkowski.  “Magic” completed just 3 of 16 passes for 32 yards before he was pulled for former Bear Mike Tomczak.  Tomczak fared no better, going 4/9 for 36 yards and an interception.  The Bears won 10-0.

Prior to this season, I thought current Packer QB Aaron Rodgers would be about as good as Majkowski.  But I’ll be damned, Rodgers looks pretty good.  How the 49ers must feel for taking Alex Smith first overall when Rodgers went in the 20′s the same year.

Last year’s first game against the Packers was pretty huge, but ended up not meaning anything after all since the Bears were headed nowhere.  This is the biggest game between the Bears and the Packers since 2001, when both games were meaningful and under Dick Jauron, the Packers triumphed.

Lovie Smith is 6-2 overall against Green Bay as Bears coach and 4-0 at Lambeau.  Let’s hope the luck keeps up.  This is a critical game with the Bears at 5-4 and tied with Minnesota atop the NFC North, and the Packers just a game behind at 4-5.  A win gives the Bears some breathing room and seriously hurts the Packers’ chances.  A Green Bay win may turn the tide on the Bears’ season.

I never thought it would be the Bears’ pass defense that scares me.  But whether it’s the scheme, pass rush, DB’s can cover and pass rushers can no longer rush-if the probelms aren’t corrected this weekend, Rodgers will eat the Bear defense alive.

I was fortunate to go to Lambeau for the Bears-Packers games from 2001-2003.  Let’s recap how that went.  In 1999 and 2000, the Bears won at Lambeau for the first times since 1992.  Then I started going, and the Bears lost three straight.  Since I haven’t been there, the Bears have won 3 straight.  Safe to say I won’t be going again in the near future.

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  1. Lovie Smith is actually 4-0 at GB and 6-2 overall against GB… You missed a year.

  2. My gut is telling me this is going to be in, Bad Rex throwing behind guys and the defense making Aaron Rodgers look like Bart Starr..or a young gunslinger named..ughh..Brett Favre…Bears may just get smoked this weekend…I hope not, but..

  3. You got me JDM…thanks…typing at 5 a.m. has its perils. I can still remember counting out 05, 06, 07….totally forgetting about 04. Thanks!

  4. Understandable. I would’ve preferred not to remember the 2004 season, either…

  5. In all honesty I’ve always hated the Viqueens more. I was born in 1980 and the Viqueens were better than the Packers for the most part. Don’t get me wrong I hate the Packers also but I’ve believe it or not actually had intelligent, meaningful Football Conversations with Packer fans. Can’t say that about any Viqueen fans I’ve been around.

  6. Doug,

    I’ve always hated the Vikings more. The Denny Green, Cris Carter, and Randy Moss days escalated it to full force. Until they keep playing in the Metrodump, I will always hate them more. At least the Packers play in a real stadium. And yes, Packer fans know their football much more than Vikings fans do.

  7. Agreed, hate the Vikings more. I know a couple guys in Minnesota and it hurts way more when the Vikings are good than when the Pack is good. I almost have a respect for the Packers, unlike the Vikings.

  8. Time to throw in the towel for the season. The Bears just plain suck and it starts at the top. Get rid of Lovie and his worthless coaching staff who apparently can’t inspire the team to play consistently, let alone win. If you can’t get your team jacked about playing in Lambeau against the Pack for the no. 1 spot in the flag football leauge that is the NFC north, you don’t desreve to be standing on the sideline.

    Once you sack the the coaches, get rid of everyone else. This team is a waste of time and money. Aside from Orton and Forte, there is very little salvageable material on the roster, and those two will be trashed from overuse and abuse by the end of the year.

    The Bears will drop like a stone from first to second-to-last from here on out, And thats only because they’ve already played the Lions twice. Good thing we don’t have to play them again or they’d beat us too.

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